Cannoleria announces new Flavours of the Week plus Easter Hot Cross Buns!

Cannoleria has done it again with its upcoming flavours of the week – a limited-edition cannoli for St Patrick’s Day, Pina Colada and Maltesers. Plus, there are Easter Cannoleria Hot Cross Buns. You heard us right, sweet ricotta-filled hot cross buns!  The Cannoleria limited edition flavours of the week and Easter Hot Cross Buns will beContinue reading “Cannoleria announces new Flavours of the Week plus Easter Hot Cross Buns!”

Balaclava’s best small-batch Bakery – Dana Patisserie

The early bird gets the worm – but at Dana Patisserie, the early customer gets the pick of the pastry litter.  “The best time to come is as soon as we open the doors,” jokes co-owner Amit Rosenweld. It’s a small team of bakers who arrive at the crack of dawn. The prep time is much-neededContinue reading “Balaclava’s best small-batch Bakery – Dana Patisserie”

Cannoleria Panettone are back for 2020

Cannoleria has launched their 2020 Limited Edition Cannoleria GIY Panettones (Garnish It Yourself) in three delicious flavours, giving us a delicious way to celebrate a well-earned Christmas this year. Panettone originated in the early 1900s in Milan, Italy, originally made by the poor with leftover bread dough and dried fruit as a Christmas tradition. ItContinue reading “Cannoleria Panettone are back for 2020”