Dine with Dari | Yakimono

Oops. I told my friend we were meeting for dinner, not at a club. Not sure if I had it mistaken or if it’s an intentional mistake. Yakimono, the latest Chris Lucas venture under the opulent ‘Society’ is like a neon bright lighted Japanese powerhouse. You practically need your sunnies inside as the vibrant kitschContinue reading “Dine with Dari | Yakimono”

Dine with Dari (in Lockdown) : Bala Sanga

Not to state the obvious, but lockdown sucks. We’re all a bit depressed, and iso life is painfully taking its unsweet toll.  Bala Sanga was a project born out of the darkness of lockdown that aimed to shed some light during these trying times. Whilst being forced to close as the city deals with COVIDContinue reading “Dine with Dari (in Lockdown) : Bala Sanga”

Dine with Dari | Zelda

Aren’t carbs the enemy? Based on the amount of artisan bakeries popping up, particularly in the Caulfield/Ripponlea Jewish hood, and judging by the length of the queue at Zelda, the newest kid to hit the block, the answer seems to be no.  Zelda is run by superwoman and sourdough specialist Maaryasha Weridger. Already famous inContinue reading “Dine with Dari | Zelda”

Dine with Dari (in Lockdown) : Supernormal × Providoor

Just like that, we’re back. There’s no denying 2020 was a painful year for Melburnians. One that most of us have tried to put behind, move up and on, and frankly forget. Dismal memories of celebrating momentous occasions on a screen, smiling at loved ones virtually, and notoriously (although impressively) sharing a restaurant dinner withContinue reading “Dine with Dari (in Lockdown) : Supernormal × Providoor”

Dine with Dari | Chin Chin

So much has changed in Melbourne over the last 10 years – particularly in the hospitality world. We’ve been through a gazillion restaurant openings and closures, the rise and fall of obscure food trends and lastly, most notoriously, an unwavering pandemic. What has not changed however is that gleeful thrill you get when you successfully manageContinue reading “Dine with Dari | Chin Chin”