Dine with Dari | Entrecôte

Isn’t Melbourne lucky. We have an influx of authentic Asian eateries, abundance of Italian and in the small pocket of Greville street, we get to go to Paris. Passport free. Just arriving at ‘Rue de Entrecôte’ already feels like you’re transported. The cute French curtain, grand piano belting out classics and exquisitely dressed waitstaff thatContinue reading “Dine with Dari | Entrecôte”

Dine with Dari | Rufio

There’s something charming about red heads. Perhaps that they’re unique, fiery and often quite intriguing. Rufio – Latin for ‘Red Head’ has just joined the club. It’s the latest venture to join the balaclava hood, popping up on a second story rooftop on the popular Carlisle street. Back in the day, the space occupied the much-loved VietnameseContinue reading “Dine with Dari | Rufio”

Dine with Dari | Audrey’s

So is it true, behind every great man, is an even greater lady? Scott Pickett may be the quintessential Aussie male and super talent behind his popular Victorian hospitality ventures but what’s impressive is how much tribute he pays to the women in his life. His first establishment Estelle pays homage to his lovely wife.Continue reading “Dine with Dari | Audrey’s”

Dine with Dari | Osteria Renata

In this carb curbing, health fanatic new age approach, is there room for another pasta bar?  After a visit to the gorgeous European Osteria on high street, the answer is unequivocally ‘yes’. This pretty little Italian inspired eatery that opened some 5 months ago has a fresh,  nourishing feel. Tall pristine white walls, large open windows withContinue reading “Dine with Dari | Osteria Renata”

Dine with Dari | Victor Churchill

When you arrive at Victor Churchill, instantly you realise, it’s a serious place. The astounding entry, grand lavish ceilings, sumptuous marble floors. There’s no messing around with mediocre, its, simply put, premium.  Taken the reigns from its Sydney venture, the second iteration has graced us with its presence on High Street, Armadale. Originally an oldContinue reading “Dine with Dari | Victor Churchill”

Dine with Dari | Moonhouse

It can’t be an easy start when your predecessor was a porn star. Ilona staller (named after a pornographic actor and politician) proudly occupied the popular corner on the vivacious Carlie street for over a decade. With delectable hearty Italian food with flare, she was adored by her fans, many who were left rather devastatedContinue reading “Dine with Dari | Moonhouse”

Dine with Dari | BKK and HER

Move over fellas, these days it’s all about HER. In this new age, he/him and she / her are becoming the norm yet this HER, is rather a standout. A grand stature, this this multi level, multi faceted complex is a massive, boisterous, stunning powerhouse. From the ground up she’s intriguing. The basement is aContinue reading “Dine with Dari | BKK and HER”

Dine with Dari | Botswana Butchery (Melbourne)

Melbourne wasn’t the first in line to take the throne. In fact, it was 4th on the list. The reign of this mighty family began in New Zealand with the first two crowned in Queenstown and Auckland and next up Sydney. Finally, this city was fortunate to join the Botswana Butchery group, and the latestContinue reading “Dine with Dari | Botswana Butchery (Melbourne)”

Dine with Dari | Albert Park Hotel

After the State closed its doors for nearly 2 years, it’s been interesting seeing things resurface. For some – COVID was unkind – people gained some weight, their hair become unruly and they let themselves go. Yet others used the time wisely, to undergo massive transformations and come out the other end of the pandemicContinue reading “Dine with Dari | Albert Park Hotel”

Dine with Dari | Copycat

Nanas and flicks. That’s what comes to mind when you talk about Gordon street Elsternwick.  Known fondly by many for the Classic cinema that’s been around for decades, showcasing the latest movies and film festivals, this quiet neighbourhood location tends to skip the gregarious gen Y and attract an older crowd. The next door eateryContinue reading “Dine with Dari | Copycat”

Dine with Dari | Gimlet

The gimlet at gimlet. So cliche, yet hands down possibly one of the best Melbourne experiences the city has to offer, (and given we’ve been locked down for so long, that’s a mighty big call).  The unfortunate part is, you may have had to book for this experience practically before the pandemic began, as the wait list forContinue reading “Dine with Dari | Gimlet”

Dine with Dari | Yakimono

Oops. I told my friend we were meeting for dinner, not at a club. Not sure if I had it mistaken or if it’s an intentional mistake. Yakimono, the latest Chris Lucas venture under the opulent ‘Society’ is like a neon bright lighted Japanese powerhouse. You practically need your sunnies inside as the vibrant kitschContinue reading “Dine with Dari | Yakimono”

Dine with Dari (in Lockdown) : Bala Sanga

Not to state the obvious, but lockdown sucks. We’re all a bit depressed, and iso life is painfully taking its unsweet toll.  Bala Sanga was a project born out of the darkness of lockdown that aimed to shed some light during these trying times. Whilst being forced to close as the city deals with COVIDContinue reading “Dine with Dari (in Lockdown) : Bala Sanga”

Dine with Dari | Zelda

Aren’t carbs the enemy? Based on the amount of artisan bakeries popping up, particularly in the Caulfield/Ripponlea Jewish hood, and judging by the length of the queue at Zelda, the newest kid to hit the block, the answer seems to be no.  Zelda is run by superwoman and sourdough specialist Maaryasha Weridger. Already famous inContinue reading “Dine with Dari | Zelda”

Dine with Dari (in Lockdown) : Supernormal × Providoor

Just like that, we’re back. There’s no denying 2020 was a painful year for Melburnians. One that most of us have tried to put behind, move up and on, and frankly forget. Dismal memories of celebrating momentous occasions on a screen, smiling at loved ones virtually, and notoriously (although impressively) sharing a restaurant dinner withContinue reading “Dine with Dari (in Lockdown) : Supernormal × Providoor”

Dine with Dari | Chin Chin

So much has changed in Melbourne over the last 10 years – particularly in the hospitality world. We’ve been through a gazillion restaurant openings and closures, the rise and fall of obscure food trends and lastly, most notoriously, an unwavering pandemic. What has not changed however is that gleeful thrill you get when you successfully manageContinue reading “Dine with Dari | Chin Chin”