Opinion: The joy of cooking …

Over the past 12 months or so, I, like many others, have made jams and pickles, fermented yoghurt and kombucha, and perfected my sourdough. I’ve made lots of curries and discovered new vegetable dishes. I’ve read cookbooks that I bought some time ago but had since languished on the kitchen shelf. I’ve cooked for theContinue reading “Opinion: The joy of cooking …”

Opinion: Keep Calm and Carry On

Last Tuesday’s budget, like most budgets, had good news and bad news. The good news includes funding for tourism and aviation, supporting domestic tourism with half-price airfares and lots more. The Federal Government has provided a massive financial package to supercharge the economy post-COVID. Our economy seems to be doing well and, domestically at least,Continue reading “Opinion: Keep Calm and Carry On”

Opinion: To book or not to book

I have just returned from a road trip through the NSW wineries of Mudgee and Rylstone. A lovely area at this time of year – clear open skies, crisp cold mornings, the beautiful autumn colours with fallen leaves swirling around on the ground in the light cold breeze. Now that the grapes are almost allContinue reading “Opinion: To book or not to book”

Opinion: Power of Pleasure

Hip hip hooray! It looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel. The vaccines are being rolled out. State borders are opening. It’s beginning to look like the new normal. Time to get out and enjoy oneself – and support our ailing food industry. There is nothing wrong with indulging a little. EspeciallyContinue reading “Opinion: Power of Pleasure”

Opinion: Loss of Taste

Our senses are important to eating. Eating is one of the few activities we do that involves all five of our senses – sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing. We use our senses to manage the world around us – for safety, security, movement and general living. Our eyes provide sight, our ears process sound. Our skinContinue reading “Opinion: Loss of Taste”

Opinion: Looking Forward

Happy New Year!  2020 was certainly a year no-one will forget! A wild, erratic and precarious rollercoaster ride. I think enough has already been said about the past pandemic year – “an unprecedented time” – sad, difficult, emotional, uncertain, crazy. Thankfully in Australia, we have been spared the worst. Whilst we must not be complacent,Continue reading “Opinion: Looking Forward”

Opinion: End of an Era – changing tastes

Last week I wrote about the closure of Sizzler. Sizzler is an important icon. As I wrote, it was more than just a restaurant. It was an institution. It taught many people to eat out. It was popular. It had queues. Sizzler did not become unpopular. To some extent, it was a victim of itsContinue reading “Opinion: End of an Era – changing tastes”

Opinion: Lights … Camera … Masks off … and Action …

For the past six months, I have been commenting on the situation facing our hospitality industry. Restaurants have had a tough time over the past 6 months and the hospitality sector has been decimated by COVID-19. The “new normal” will be very different. Other industries are facing similar predicaments, especially retail. Another industry that hasContinue reading “Opinion: Lights … Camera … Masks off … and Action …”

OPINION: Back to the Future – Reviewing in 2020

Restaurants have certainly had a tough time over the past six months. The hospitality sector has been decimated by COVID-19. Most restaurants and cafés are struggling. Many will not survive … and those that do will be very different. It’s been just over six months since the first lockdowns and the closure of many restaurants. SixContinue reading “OPINION: Back to the Future – Reviewing in 2020”

Opinion: Is it safe to eat out??

I have a dilemma! It’s my son’s birthday soon and he wants to go to a Thai restaurant … a Thai restaurant that was closed due to COVID a few weeks ago but is now reopened. Moreover, I am still a bit nervous about big crowds in small spaces. Six months of restrictions have made meContinue reading “Opinion: Is it safe to eat out??”