Bar Review: Teddy’s

Teddy’s is a sophisticated new bar in Enmore located above the Warren View Hotel (more affectionately known by locals as the Wazza), offering a real point of difference to some of those smaller venues located on the main drag. The vibe is far more chilled, whilst the fit-out is stylish, comfortable and spacious, with multipleContinue reading “Bar Review: Teddy’s”

Fine Dining Review: Izy Aki | 16/20

There are many in the industry who know about and respect the accomplished career of Chef Darren Templeman, who has worked for the likes of legendary Chefs Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsay and Bruno Loubet. That somewhat brutal era in the competitive Michelin fueled kitchens of London were definitely not for the faint hearted, howeverContinue reading “Fine Dining Review: Izy Aki | 16/20”

Fine Casual Dining Review: Casa Mia Osteria | 14.5/15

Fine Dining maybe struggling, but flavour and produce driven dishes, underpinned by very sound techniques are not. Feeding you well, wrapped within a spirit of conviviality, is what Host Andrea Nazzari and Chef Valerio Boncompagni do. It’s the very DNA of Casa Mia Osteria. Located a stones throw from St Peters Station, on King StreetContinue reading “Fine Casual Dining Review: Casa Mia Osteria | 14.5/15”

Fine Casual Dining Review: Hemingway’s | 14/15

The mindset of diners, has noticeably shifted since the impacts of COVID-19. The unfulfilling pursuit of de-construction and complication has given way back to a rediscovery of the fundamental reasons why we dine out. To break bread with friends and loved ones in a convivial way, that simple but beautiful shared experience, that brings outContinue reading “Fine Casual Dining Review: Hemingway’s | 14/15”

Fine Dining Review: Becketts | 15.5/20

The moment you walk into Becketts, you immediately sense the owner Wendy Beckett (acclaimed Playwright-director) and her team understand the important fundamentals that underpin the experience a mature Restaurant aims to provide its diners. Located on a historic site in Glebe, and previously home to the celebrated Darling Mills, the magnificent sandstone and brick interiorContinue reading “Fine Dining Review: Becketts | 15.5/20”

Fine Dining Review: Black Hide by Gambaro at the Treasury | 15.5/20

Australians have always enjoyed a good steak. The European settlers arrived in 1788 with just a few cows. This number rapidly increased and today there are as many cows in Australia as there are humans. Australian beef is amongst the best in the world and is exported worldwide. So, it is not unexpected that weContinue reading “Fine Dining Review: Black Hide by Gambaro at the Treasury | 15.5/20”

Fine Casual Dining Review: Will & Flow | 12/15

One of the most iconic features of Brisbane is, of course, the Brisbane River. It has been a source of water, food, and transport for over 40,000 years. The Turrbal Nation of Indigenous people, who have inhabited the shores of the Brisbane River for 40,000 years, were great fishermen, using the river as a resourceContinue reading “Fine Casual Dining Review: Will & Flow | 12/15”

Fine Dining Review: ELSKA | 17/20

As Anton Ego, the fictional inspector in the movie Ratatouille (Ratatouille. 2007. Walt Disney Pictures) said, “In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment”. As a food professional and a restaurant reviewer,Continue reading “Fine Dining Review: ELSKA | 17/20”

Fine Casual Dining Review: Omeros Fish Bar | 13/15

The Omeros family have been synonymous with good seafood since 1968 when Michael Omeros founded the Paragon Seafood Restaurant in La Perouse, Sydney  – the first restaurant to specialise in seafood in NSW. Since then, the family has had a range of popular restaurants, including the Paragon Seafood Restaurant at Burleigh Heads and the iconic, award-winningContinue reading “Fine Casual Dining Review: Omeros Fish Bar | 13/15”

Fine Dining Review: Bistrot 916 | 15/20

A popular tale is that the word “bistro” or “bistrot” originated from the Russian word for “quickly”, which was allegedly shouted by Russian officers or Cossacks who occupied Paris, following the Napoleonic Wars, and wanted to be served quickly. “Bistrot, bistrot,” they would shout! Bistrot 916 – in Potts Point, Sydney – states that itContinue reading “Fine Dining Review: Bistrot 916 | 15/20”

Fine Casual Dining Review: Emily Taylor | 13/15

Have you heard of Emily Taylor yet? Emily Taylor is one of the few new hangouts in Fremantle – a bar/restaurant named after a ship wrecked in 1830. The vessel was sailing during the early 1800s via the spice route of Asia along the West Australian coastline, hence the style of cuisine. Owned by W1 Hospitality –Continue reading “Fine Casual Dining Review: Emily Taylor | 13/15”

Fine Dining Review: Bianca | 15/20

Italian cuisine has an appealing simplicity that makes it one of the most popular cuisines in Australia. Italian immigrants introduced olive oil, pasta, pizza, cappuccinos, salad, and wine, all of which became integral parts of Australian cuisine. Italian cuisine has remained central to Australian dining, despite the influx of more international cuisines. Indeed, Spaghetti BologneseContinue reading “Fine Dining Review: Bianca | 15/20”

Café Review | All Things Equal | 7.5/10

Imagine a world where all things were equal. There was no discrimination, diversity was embraced, and abled, disabled and anybody in between was treated the same. Unfortunately such a world is still a fantasy and worlds away. Yet it does exist – at a gorgeous café in the centre of Carlisle Street.  Walking in the doorContinue reading “Café Review | All Things Equal | 7.5/10”

Fine Dining Review: Jung Sung | 16/20

It is a Saturday night in the Kensington dining precinct, and it’s just a pleasure to see so many diners out after the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. The industry, which lost many good restaurants during that period, needs new, exciting and quality openings to fill that void and offer hope, and Jung Sung hitsContinue reading “Fine Dining Review: Jung Sung | 16/20”

Fine Dining Review: Tonic | 16/20

With international borders closed, and state borders problematical at best due to the fluidity of COVID-19, food and wine lovers are now exploring their own state’s regions more. Tonic, established in 2003, and located in historic Millthorpe – just a short trip from Orange – is a local gem that is a must-stop on any journey. OwnersContinue reading “Fine Dining Review: Tonic | 16/20”

Fine Casual Dining Review: Fratelli Fresh (Darling Harbour) | 14/15

The original concept of Fratelli Fresh largely informed the direction of fine casual dining in Sydney, when after buying quality fresh produce, you could then relax with a well-executed pasta dish and a glass of wine and leave well satisfied without emptying your pockets. Rockpool Dining Group, who now own and oversee the brand, haveContinue reading “Fine Casual Dining Review: Fratelli Fresh (Darling Harbour) | 14/15”

Fine Dining Review: Agnes | 16.5/20

Like its siblings, sAme sAme and Hôntô, Agnes does not make much noise from the outside. No flashy neon signs. No large portico. No LCD menus. Not that it needs to. To get a table you will need to book about three months in advance. Located in an old warehouse with exposed bricks and peelingContinue reading “Fine Dining Review: Agnes | 16.5/20”