Café Review | All Things Equal | 7.5/10

Imagine a world where all things were equal. There was no discrimination, diversity was embraced, and abled, disabled and anybody in between was treated the same. Unfortunately such a world is still a fantasy and worlds away. Yet it does exist – at a gorgeous café in the centre of Carlisle Street.  Walking in the doorContinue reading “Café Review | All Things Equal | 7.5/10”

Fine Dining Review: Jung Sung | 16/20

It is a Saturday night in the Kensington dining precinct, and it’s just a pleasure to see so many diners out after the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. The industry, which lost many good restaurants during that period, needs new, exciting and quality openings to fill that void and offer hope, and Jung Sung hitsContinue reading “Fine Dining Review: Jung Sung | 16/20”

Fine Dining Review: Tonic | 16/20

With international borders closed, and state borders problematical at best due to the fluidity of COVID-19, food and wine lovers are now exploring their own state’s regions more. Tonic, established in 2003, and located in historic Millthorpe – just a short trip from Orange – is a local gem that is a must-stop on any journey. OwnersContinue reading “Fine Dining Review: Tonic | 16/20”

Fine Casual Dining Review: Fratelli Fresh (Darling Harbour) | 14/15

The original concept of Fratelli Fresh largely informed the direction of fine casual dining in Sydney, when after buying quality fresh produce, you could then relax with a well-executed pasta dish and a glass of wine and leave well satisfied without emptying your pockets. Rockpool Dining Group, who now own and oversee the brand, haveContinue reading “Fine Casual Dining Review: Fratelli Fresh (Darling Harbour) | 14/15”

Fine Dining Review: Agnes | 16.5/20

Like its siblings, sAme sAme and Hôntô, Agnes does not make much noise from the outside. No flashy neon signs. No large portico. No LCD menus. Not that it needs to. To get a table you will need to book about three months in advance. Located in an old warehouse with exposed bricks and peelingContinue reading “Fine Dining Review: Agnes | 16.5/20”