Cannoleria Panettone are back for 2020

Cannoleria has launched their 2020 Limited Edition Cannoleria GIY Panettones (Garnish It Yourself) in three delicious flavours, giving us a delicious way to celebrate a well-earned Christmas this year.

Panettone originated in the early 1900s in Milan, Italy, originally made by the poor with leftover bread dough and dried fruit as a Christmas tradition. It wasn’t until after World War I that confectionery companies Motta and Alemagna adapted the recipe, giving it its tall domed shape, that the cake achieved worldwide popularity.

In recent times, the team at Cannoleria have pushed the Panettone boundaries, revolutionising the traditional Panettone with their signature ricotta fillings –bringing the best of two desserts together with their Cannoleria GIY Panettone.

This year’s limited-edition versions are no exception. The 2020 Limited Edition Cannoleria GIY Panettones are layered and filled with one of three Christmas Cannoleria ricotta fillings, each mixed with a complimentary crunchy element to add flavour and texture. To top off each panettone, a piping bag of their bespoke drizzling sauce and garnish is included in the pack, allowing you to add your own magic at home!

Available in 3 mouth-watering Christmas-themed flavours:

  • Stella: Strawberry & honey ricotta with strawberry fudge & honeycomb crunch. Ruby chocolate drizzle sauce with freeze-dried strawberries, honeycomb & broken cannoli shell garnish.
  • The Grinch: Pistachio & lemon ricotta with candied pistachio & lemon jelly crunch. White chocolate drizzle sauce with candied pistachios, lemon thyme & broken cannoli shell garnish.
  • Nutcracker: Peanut butter & hazelnut with malt crunch & candied hazelnuts. Dark Chocolate drizzle sauce with malt crunch, candied hazelnuts & broken cannoli shell garnish.

2020 Limited Edition Cannoleria GIY Panettones, $55 (+ $5 delivery fee)

  • 1 × filled Panettone of your choice
  • 1 × piping bag of bespoke drizzling sauce
  • 1 × small bag of accompanying garnish to top your own creation

Not only are the 2020 Limited Edition Cannoleria GIY Panettones the perfect gift to give your foodie friend or family member, but they also make the perfect dessert to share over Christmas catch-ups or the big day itself!

The 2020 Limited Edition Cannoleria GIY Panettones are available through pre-order only (available from 23rd Nov).

Delivery pre-orders can be placed:

  • Via the Cannoleria online store for delivery within a 15km radius of their stores (which covers most of metro Melbourne)
  • Through Cannoleria’s partner Co-Lab Pantry for local and interstate delivery.

Pick-up pre-orders can be made at selected stores including:

  • Cannoleria HQ in Heidelberg West
  • Cannoleria Watergardens store in Taylors Lakes
  • That’s Amore Cheese retail outlet in Thomastown

Delivery and pick up are available from Monday, 23rd November to Thursday, 24th December. Make sure you get your pre-orders in before Friday, 18th December.

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