Dana Patisserie opens second store in lockdown!

Launching on October 11th in Bentleigh’s busiest shopping strip on Centre Road.  French pastries mixed with an Israeli influence, and a touch of Melbourne flair – that’s Dana Patisserie!    Over the last five years, the small-batch, artisanal bakery has cemented itself as a staple with Balaclava locals and Melbourne’s Jewish community. The launch of their secondContinue reading “Dana Patisserie opens second store in lockdown!”

Traditionally baked sourdough – but make it purple

Take a traditionally leavened sourdough, ensure it has the perfect chewy crumb and crisp crust – but make it a bright, bold purple colour. Such is the fabulous ethos of new patisserie on the block, Lamin8. With a dedication to baking everything from scratch using time-honoured methods – but adding a unique twist – Lamin8 isContinue reading “Traditionally baked sourdough – but make it purple”