Sokyo’s Top Chef On How To Nail Sushi At Home

With National Sushi Day coming up on the 18 June, Sokyo’s Executive Chef, Daniel Kwak’s shares his top tips on how to nail sushi at home. Having worked alongside the famed Sushi expert, Chase Kojima for over five years, Daniel has perfected the craft of sushi making to a fine art, so you can restContinue reading “Sokyo’s Top Chef On How To Nail Sushi At Home”

Huon RSPCA Approved Salmon hits Coles shelves

Consumers can now choose Huon RSPCA Approved Salmon in Coles supermarkets. Huon Aquaculture’s General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Callan Paske, said the introduction of Huon Salmon products featuring the RSPCA Approved logo will give consumers peace of mind. “Our fish have met health and welfare standards second to none in the industry,” Callan said. Continue reading “Huon RSPCA Approved Salmon hits Coles shelves”