Dine with Dari | Botswana Butchery (Melbourne)

Melbourne wasn’t the first in line to take the throne. In fact, it was 4th on the list. The reign of this mighty family began in New Zealand with the first two crowned in Queenstown and Auckland and next up Sydney. Finally, this city was fortunate to join the Botswana Butchery group, and the latest establishment is no less than suitable for a King. 

Everything about it is regal and strong. Open the steel knife handles and enter this grand 3 level establishment with capacity of a massive 300. The first two floors are for dining, and the top is an opulent bar where you’ll find sophisticated cocktails such as a gorgeous gin spritz apperitf with a shiso leaf, that will tickle your palette to let the good times roll. Like any grand palace, there is room after room, private dining halls, open balcony’s for people gazing from above. It’s a mysterious and serious space with exceptional finishes, attention to detail and a plush, polished, and rather luxurious feel. 

Likewise the food. Not simply a butcher the extensive menu with premium produce caters for a variety of tastes and preferences to suit a royal family. Starting with the raw and cured bar. Oysters and bubbles are just one of life’s highlights, the shells are topped with a fresh cucumber and green apple mignonette. Kingfish is a princess’ dream. Dainty delicately cured and torched, it’s drizzled with a subtle sweet burnt orange caramel like finish that you can’t help but be unladylike and mop up with your fingers.

Slow roasted lamb shoulder is intensely soft, and surrenders on the plate with even the smallest touch. Then the piece-de-resistance. The stone axe wagyu oyster steak marble score 9. Talk about a plate of power, this is a rich robust dish of silky pink flesh, where each mouthful is like eating an iron fist in a velvet glove. Throw in some crunchy duck fat potatoes and a glass of red from their carefully constructed 1000+ bottle wine list, and the experience is hedonism on steroids. If there is any room left in your belly (and if not make some), desserts such as the fig and mascarpone chaja are refined, crafted with precision, and a perfect end to an exceptionally sublime meal.

Bottom line. We can’t all be kings, but thanks to Botswana butchery, we did just win a crown.

Botswana Butchery (Melbourne)
66 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

Image credits: Garth Oriander

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