Dine with Dari | BKK and HER

Move over fellas, these days it’s all about HER.

In this new age, he/him and she / her are becoming the norm yet this HER, is rather a standout. A grand stature, this this multi level, multi faceted complex is a massive, boisterous, stunning powerhouse. From the ground up she’s intriguing. The basement is a polished French Restaurant worthy of its own review, with a separate hidden entry to the lift. Rookie error would be trying to be a hero and opting for stairs in high heels. While the doorman says it’s just a few levels, one flight up this darkly lit mammoth stairwell is equivalent to one weeks worth of gym work outs. Ouch to your calves, but high five to a toned booty, (and boy oh boy do you need a drink by the top)

Higher and higher, just when you’re feeling like a damsel in distress in a foreign country, becoming confused on whether this elusive ‘restaurant’ actually exists – suddenly you land – BKK. And it’s freakin awesome.

This little Thai gem just oozes cool. It’s one of those places that doesn’t need to try, it just is. The teeny eatery is sultry, vivacious and a little mysterious. A big open fire kitchen in the centre with caring, slightly cheeky staff to serve you. She/he/they, whoever comes to your table, are all so cute, you can’t help but blush like a high school kid with a secret crush.

Starting off right, Oysters are a highlight – hidden behind an aromatic coconut cream. For a vegan alternative the eggplant miang is a little green innocuous parcel filled with creamy robust deliciousness. Laarb gai of chicken mince has fragrant aromatic herbs that give pleasure and punch, topped with a rock hard crisp chicken skin shell that shatters with each bite. Wok fried pork and prawn rice noodle is like a pad Thai on steroids. Rip off the prawn head suck out the juices and slurp on some slippery oodly noodles in their chilli but sweet sauce. Potentially perceived as impolite, it’s the type of place you feel anything goes and hedonistic enjoyment in a dish is one of them.

Wines are a little peculiar, including a Grenache served chilled and cocktails such as a green apple gimlet and spicy pineapple margarita are not made to order, but instead on tap ‘with mixologists supervision’ (not sold for $22, but they appease the rather impatient Gen y crowd who want things ready yesterday). And let’s be honest, HER can do no wrong.

What would be very wrong however would be leaving without a journey to the rooftop. Bellowing views of the Melbourne city, a cracking flamboyant atmosphere, she becomes even more impressive the more you get to know Her.

Bottom line;
Who runs the world? Girls
Who runs this city ? ‘HER’

Level 3/270 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Image credits: Parker Blain

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