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When you arrive at Victor Churchill, instantly you realise, it’s a serious place. The astounding entry, grand lavish ceilings, sumptuous marble floors. There’s no messing around with mediocre, its, simply put, premium. 

Taken the reigns from its Sydney venture, the second iteration has graced us with its presence on High Street, Armadale. Originally an old bank, the stunning heritage building has morphed into a unique eatery (Hopefully you saved those pennies from the old days as the prices here are quite serious too).  

By day, it acts as an artisan retail butcher and grocer with sparkling glass cabinet windows packed with exceptional proteins and a dedicated dry ageing room showcasing the finest hangings of different cuts. Dramatically eye capturing is the giant curved glass screen. Inside are three timber butchers blocks ready for carving in full view, an experience to entice the upmarket High street foot traffic for a glance and salivation. By night, the butcher is closed to the public, so the venue silently glistens with honour and intrigue of the great beasts on display.

Walking further into the mysterious dark luxe palace is a horseshoe bar with a seating of a mere 12. Plush green booths encircle the barman and ensure that no matter your seat, it’s the best in the house. Whether it be a negroni, champagne or just beer that you start with, it already tastes wonderful. Finely stemmed, pristinely polished glassware dangle so elegantly in front of you, even if you hadn’t planned on a little tipple, you’d feel it impolite not to. 

With the beverage of choice, it would be remiss not to begin the experience with some fruits of the sea. Delicate slices of pink house cured salmon next to a cute yellow lemon cheek, have a distinct woodiness that balance with the pile of creamy celeriac remoulade. Ringlets of grilled arrow squid are finely charred with a drizzle of oil and espelette pepper that give a gentle smoky tickle.

Then the steak. If you don’t have a lot of steak in your life, this is guaranteed to be the best one. And if you do, it’s going to be pretty up there too. O’Connor Eye fillet is soft and velvety, slicing a piece is like carving through a block of melted butter, with a rich silkiness that surrender. Black market Sirloin is a little more austere. Fine marbled fat coat your tongue, with a hedonist delight and leave your taste buds yearning for a juicy red to just clutch onto those open tannins. Their exceptionally crafted wine list with surprisingly predominantly Pinots, make that match a marriage that will be imprinted in your mind forever.

You leave this opulent affair with a protein loaded, bulging but balanced belly and a serious smile, with a small vow you’ll make it back.

Bottom line. If you’re serious about dining, you’re implored to experience Victor Churchill.

Victor Churchill
953 High Street, Armadale VIC 3143

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