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In this carb curbing, health fanatic new age approach, is there room for another pasta bar? 

After a visit to the gorgeous European Osteria on high street, the answer is unequivocally ‘yes’. This pretty little Italian inspired eatery that opened some 5 months ago has a fresh,  nourishing feel. Tall pristine white walls, large open windows with natural sunlight streaming and round drop down lights, give the place warmth without bordering on clinical.  

Service is just charming. You’ve barely stepped foot in the door, and treated so gracefully, whatever worries of your day existed are instantly forgotten as you embrace this ray of sweetness. Neatly set tables sporadically fill the room and a petite bar is perfect to perch for a yarn, vino, and some serious Italian fare.  

If you’re lucky, one of the specials includes the now ever so popular burrata. A tightly wrapped white bun that would make a ballerina envious, simply explodes with streams of mountainous flowing oozy white cheese at the prick of your knife. The flavours coupled with sautéed zucchini and caramelised onion will have you practically licking the plate. Delicate and dainty Kingfish crudo is topped with vibrant blood orange where the citrus fruit’s tartness balances beautifully with distinct olive oil. It would be erroneous not to heed the waiter’s advice and skip the bread. House made focaccia is fluffy dense and a perfect sponge to mop up any remaining flavours left on the plate.

Then the serious stuff – the pasta. The Quadratti is a casing of hand made parcels filled with mushroom porcini then topped with parmigiana fonduta. Its a rich, decadent combination and for those calorie counting –  worth being fat for. Eaten with a glass of Sicilian Grillo as recommended by the passionate bar staff is one of those, ‘please press pause’ in life moments, as culinary wise, it doesn’t get much better.  

Both cocktails and mocktails are made with precision, refinement and beauty.  a ‘Fior de mela’ has hints of calming chamomile, basil and garnished with a beautiful flower, an effect that leaves you relaxed and glowing.  

Bottom Line. Sometimes you just have to smile, embrace your love handles and enjoy the finer things in life. Osteria Reneta is the perfect spot to do it.  

Osteria Renata
436-438 High Street, Prahran VIC 3181

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