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Aren’t carbs the enemy? Based on the amount of artisan bakeries popping up, particularly in the Caulfield/Ripponlea Jewish hood, and judging by the length of the queue at Zelda, the newest kid to hit the block, the answer seems to be no. 

Zelda is run by superwoman and sourdough specialist Maaryasha Weridger. Already famous in her own Jewish orthodox community, this humble home baker turned master had a huge following, running a Kosher weekly pop-up bakery every Friday out the back of several garages in rotation. Faithful followers who frequented were accustomed to hordes of crowds waiting rather impatiently to get their weekly yeasty fix. COVID came, and like many, Maaryasha went quiet – but thankfully not gone. She used this time to work out her next venture, a seemingly permanent window-front micro bakery in Ripponlea. Crowds returned, but instead of just Caulfield regulars, word’s gotten round, attracting a plethora of people from all necks of the woods. 

The unwavering line may be off-putting and make you want to turn around, but out comes pink-haired Maaryasha in the flesh to give you a sample of her delectable delights. While the gesture is out of genuine goodwill, it’s actually a clever ploy, as once you’ve had a bite of anything she touches, you won’t leave until you have heavy arms, a weathered credit card and a diet that needs to start when this bag of carby awesomeness finishes (likely tomorrow!).

What’s all the fuss about? With sustainable practices in their baking processes, smell the wild cultures ferment in their 100% wholewheat loaf that is textural, rustic and nourishing. An almond croissant with delicate pastry is as crunchy as a crisp autumn leaf (with as many calories as the entire tree!). It shatters blissfully into your hands just by touch, and you can’t help but secretly mop up every last crumb. 

Then, an important forewarning. Do not buy the apple crumble with the intention of sharing. It ain’t gonna happen. No matter how much self control or discipline you think you can exercise, one bite of this seemingly innocuous, heavenly star puff, and you’ll be lucky if it makes it through the car ride home (given you did the time and stood in line, you should get to reap the rewards).

Bottom line: If carbs are the enemy, after a trip to Zelda, they will undoubtedly become your best friend.

Zelda Bakery
54 Glen Eira Rd, Ripponlea VIC 3185

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