Kojima’s signature restaurants at The Star Sydney and The Star Gold Coast is inviting diners to experience a modern, creative take on the traditional Japanese chef’s table

Sokyo, the acclaimed Japanese dining venue at The Star Sydney, has launched a new omakase menu by Executive Chef Chase Kojima, featuring an innovative take on the traditional chef’s table experience.

Served at the intimate Sokyo counter, the 20 course omakase treads a beautiful line between art and ritual. This rendition is fun and entertaining, pushing the boundaries of Japanese flavours, with fresh, locally-sourced seafood the star of the show.

The menu, kept a surprise each night, invites diners to journey through a range of seemingly-simple yet deeply-layered modern dishes, each executed with Kojima’s signature creative flair. Think King George Whiting Sando, a unique umami-filled grilled King George Whiting fillet on slightly toasted ciabatta bread coated with garlic aioli,the Abalone Sashimi, steamed carefully for 12 hours in its own juices, and of course, Sokyo’s famed nigiri featuring the highest quality fish one can find.

The omakase experience reflects a new era for Sokyo, widely regarded as one of Sydney’s most beloved Japanese restaurants. At the end of last year, Sokyo unveiled a new phase of its evolution – one dedicated to making every meal a ceremonial moment. The result is an experience that offers a delicate balance of art and ritual, an ode to Japanese tradition and ceremony through a modern Australian lens.

The exclusive degustation menu, personally-prepared in front of guests by Kojima or Head Chef Daniel Kwak is available to only six guests per night Monday to Thursday.

“Sokyo has always been about paying respect to traditional Japanese cooking while giving it a burst of fresh energy that leaves customers with an unforgettable experience, and this new omakase offering is no different.” says Kojima.

“As part of our reopening last year, we wanted to ensure that every dish at Sokyo created a moment that feels like a performance and with the new omakase menu, we are offering diners an exclusive front row seat.”

Kojima’s creative omakase experience will also extend to Kiyomi, his signature dining venue at The Star Gold Coast, from Tuesday 29 March.

Exclusively available to eight diners Tuesday to Thursday, this omakase will offer guests the opportunity to enjoy a progressive 20-course menu, expertly prepared by Kojima or Kiyomi Head Chef Winson Law, and paired with a flight of four premium sakés.

Kimoyi’s omakase menu will honour Queensland’s highest-quality seasonal produce with dishes like tuna tataki with carbonised leek aioli and pickled ginger gel, seared scampi with foie gras, apples and shiso leaf and grilled black cobia with Japanese curry butter.

For more details on Sokyo and Kiyomi’s exclusive omakase experience or to make a booking, head to:

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