Avo-taste of this: Fuel your Shepard avocado obsession with For the love of Shepard Avocado festival

New research shows Aussies’ love food exploration and experimentation, with 82% keen to try a Shepard avocado recipe at home this season

  • Australian Avocados partners with iconic Sydney café, Cuckoo Callay, creating a limited-edition menu to celebrate the start of Shepard avocado season, with a festival named For the love of Shepard Avocado  
  • This comes as new research reveals that 69% of Aussies admit to being unaware of Shepard avocados’ unique qualities so each of the new menu items will hero the variety to showcase the Shepard avocado variety and its versatility and encourage Aussies to enjoy a Shepard avocado this season
  • Although smashed avo on toast reigns supreme as the nation’s favourite avocado dish, more Aussies are looking to get creative in the kitchen this Shepard avocado season, with a third of Aussies (34%) feeling inspired to experiment in the kitchen at least once per week.

15 March, 2022: Shepard avocado season is in full swing and to celebrate, Australian Avocados has partnered with iconic Surry Hills café, from within the ESCA GroupCuckoo Callay for the nation’s first Shepard avocado festival, For the love of Shepard Avocado, creating an inventive and unexpected menu to highlight the Shepard avocado’s unique flavour profile and texture. 

Together with Australian Avocados, Cuckoo Callay will be serving up a series of impressive Shepard avocado specials. Adventurous Aussies can sink their teeth into the limited-edition menu items during the For the love of Shepard Avocado festivalincluding:

  • ‘You’re everything I avo wanted‘ –Shepard Avo French toast, Shepard avocado mascarpone, lemon meringue, lemon curd and caramelised white chocolate topped with Shepard avocado ice cream  
  • ‘You’re the avo to my toast’ – sliced Shepard avocado, vegemite dukkah and a slice of sourdough 
  • ‘Move in the ripe direction’ – sliced Shepard avocado, salmon gravlax, avocado goat cheese and pickled beetroot served on a toasted bagel.

The collaboration comes as new research* reveals that Aussies are becoming more adventurous with their taste and are turning to their favourite cafes and restaurants for inspiration to experiment. In fact, for almost half of Aussies (46%), the opportunity to dine out and try the latest flavour sensation is what inspires them to try a new food or dish the most.

With 69% of Aussies admitting to being unaware of Shepard avocado’s unique qualities, each of the new menu items will hero the variety to showcase its versatility and encourage Aussies to enjoy a Shepard avocado this season. 

As one of the main varieties of Australian Avocados, Shepard avocados are smashed full of benefits:

  • Shepard avocados have a smooth and buttery texture with a unique nutty flavour 
  • Shepard avocados are less likely to oxidise or discolour once they are cut open, due to their enzymes, making them the perfect addition to slice in salads, sandwiches, salsa, sushi and ceviche 
  • Shepard avocados’ skin always stays green, even when ripe
  • Shepard avocados are available every year for a limited time from February to April 

As a nation of avo lovers, 66% say they would try to replicate an avocado recipe at home from a cafe, restaurant, or food publication.

In fact, avocados are no longer just a must-have for just savoury dishes, with Aussies eager to experiment with Shepard avocados to create sweet delights like smoothies (27%), fudge brownies (25%), chocolate mousse (25%) and caramelised avocado pancakes (21%).

To help Aussies experiment this Shepard season, Cuckoo Callay will be creating a digital step-by-step recipe guide to help inspire Aussies to get creative at home (see link here on the Australian Avocados website). 

Gillian Reilly, Head of Consumer Marketing at Hort Innovation, said: “Shepard avocados are truly unique and versatile. They have a beautifully smooth yet firm texture and nutty taste which gives endless opportunities to experiment.

“The cafe scene is a huge part of Australian culture and something that Aussies have been missing. This Shepard season, we’re celebrating taste and togetherness, something Australia does best.”

Oliver Hughes, executive chef at Cuckoo Callay said: “We’re so excited to be working with Australian Avocados for the launch of Shepard Season. 

“Shepard avocados have lots of unique properties including that they stay bright green and gold when cut and can be used with both savoury and sweet dishes, so we have been able to create some incredible and delicious dishes with a twist. We look forward to welcoming you to the café to try the flavour sensation during the For the love of Shepard Avocado festival.

Avo-loving Aussies are encouraged to share photos and videos of their favourite Shepard avocado recipes and tag @AustralianAvocados and @CuckooCallay on Facebook or Instagram. 

To try one of the limited-edition Shepard Avocado recipes, head to Cuckoo Callay in Surry Hills from Monday 14 March to Sunday 27 March 2022. 

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