Koko Black launches first ever ‘vegan-friendly’ Easter collection

Favourite Easter eggs, bunnies and more, reimagined by Koko. 

Australian artisan chocolatier Koko Black is set to release its first ever range of  ‘vegan-friendly’, plant-based products as part of their 2021 Easter Collection.

With almost 500,000* Australians now adopting plant-based eating habits and the consumption of vegan-friendly products continuing to rise, Koko Black has curated the new range with the same premium standard of taste, texture and quality that their entire Easter offering is renowned for.

The hero in the vegan-friendly range is the Goji Berry and Quinoa 80% Dark Chocolate Egg. Made from all natural ingredients, including Single Origin chocolate from Uganda, dark chocolate lovers will note the higher percentage and stronger earthy flavour of cocoa. Coupled with the crunch of the puffed quinoa and tartness of the goji berry, it really elevates the flavour profile of the chocolate.

“With a limited number of high-quality vegan-friendly and Australian-made chocolate products available, we knew Easter was the perfect time to introduce our vegan-friendly range so that all Australians have the chance to indulge themselves in something special this year,” said Remco Brigou, Head Chocolatier and Product Innovation Manager at Koko Black.

The Koko Black Vegan-Friendly products in the 2021 Easter Collection include:

Quinoa & Goji Berries in 80% Dark Chocolate Egg, $24.90
A superfood duo of crunchy caramelised quinoa and antioxidant-rich goji berries in 80% dark Ugandan chocolate, formed into a perfectly shaped Easter Egg.

Dark Ganache Half Dozen Eggs, $9.90
Velvety ganache made with 80% dark Ugandan chocolate and coconut milk, coated in a 60% dark chocolate shell. Smooth and rich inside and a vegan-friendly Koko surprise.

Caramelised Coconut Flecks in 54% Dark Chocolate, $24.90
Crunchy flecks of caramelised coconut swirled through decadent Belgian dark chocolate.

Dark Little Egg Cube, $7.50
Hang it high, out of sight, for little paws to seek and find. Each cube is filled with solid 54% dark chocolate eggs and is ready to hang up high for the egg hunt. There’s five Australian Koko critters to collect including the bunny, echidna, koala, platypus and wombat.

Dark Little Egg Bag, $15.00
The littlest eggs make for the biggest adventures! Decadent 54% dark chocolate eggs wrapped in foil – perfect for hiding, finding or nibbling.

The Littlest Dark Bunny, $16.00/The Mightiest Dark Bunny, $29.90/The Biggest Dark Bunny, $59.00
Wrap your paws around Koko’s bunny collection in 54% dark chocolate and make all your Easter dreams come true! A hollow bunny made from deeply rich Belgian dark chocolate available in three different sizes.

Double Trouble Dark Bunnies, $30.00
The chocolate twins of the Koko Forest! These 54% dark chocolate bunnies are best when shared. The perfect gift for couples, best friends or someone who loves double of anything delicious. Two small hollow bunnies made from deeply rich Belgian dark chocolate.

Small 54% Dark Chocolate Hollow Egg, $6.00/Medium 54% Dark Chocolate Hollow Egg, $12.00/Large 54% Dark Chocolate Hollow Egg, $15.00
Koko’s range of three different sized hollow egg made from deeply rich Belgian dark chocolate, wrapped in foil and perfect for hiding, finding or nibbling.

Bunny Egg Pop – 54% Dark Chocolate, $3.90
Add the perfect pop of something delicious with this cute dark chocolate pop. Made from deeply rich Belgian dark chocolate.

The first drop of Koko Black Easter Collection is now available to purchase online and in-store, with the full collection available February 25 until the end of Easter (April 4).

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* National Nutritional Survey (Vegan Australia)

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