Whisky Loot × Starward Limited Edition Pack

Australia’s best-loved whisky subscription service, Whisky Loot, has partnered with iconic Aussie distillers, Starward, creating their very own barrel select. Melbourne based, Starward makes whisky for a curious, food-obsessed generation; using red wine barrels to mature their whisky and sourcing all ingredients from just a day’s drive away from the distillery. Starward uses elemental maturation to draw out its signature fruity, delicious flavour in just three short years.

“The barrel used to age the Starward × Whisky Loot Select Barrel single malt whisky was sourced from the premium French cooperage, Seguin Moreau, a cooperage that is renowned for producing high-quality French oak barrels. This barrel has imparted supple tannin and oak flavours yet still offers a lot of complexity and intrigue to the body and palate of this whisky. In my opinion, whisky matured in French oak wine barrels takes a little longer to open up and mature, due to the tighter grain that it has when compared to American oak wine barrels. When young it can have a lot of spice and awkward tannin, but given time these flavours soften and develop, and they turn out to be elegant and intriguing whiskies.” ~ Carlie Dyer, Distiller, Starward

The very first French Oak Single Barrel release in the Australian market for Starward ever, the Starward × Whisky Loot Select Barrel is only available as a dram within this limited edition pack and online as a full bottle at whiskyloot.com.

Whisky Loot × Starward Limited Edition Pack Includes:
● Starward Nova Single Malt: We start our exploration of Starward’s single malts with Nova. Nova is matured solely in Australian red wine barrels from wineries making superb Shiraz, Cabernet and Pinot Noir. These casks add intense red wine character that perfectly complement Starward’s all-Aussie malt.  The result is a seriously fruity dram that encapsulates Australian innovation.
● Starward Solera Cask: Halfway through our journey is Solera. This Starward single malt has been aged in casks that previously held Apera, an Australian fortified wine much like Spanish sherry. The spirit is aged in a “Solera System”, where the whisky is fractionally blended from cask to cask, creating a consistent product that contains some extremely old juice.
● Starward × Whisky Loot Select Barrel: We finish with a flourish. This whisky is Whisky Loot’s very own Starward Single Barrel, hand-selected by the Whisky Loot team. Once they tasted this dram – red wine cask matured, packed with fruit and spice – they knew they had to share it. This unique whisky is classically Starward and showcases all that is brilliant about modern Aussie distilling.

Showcasing three unique expressions from the Starward stable, discover the Whisky Loot × Starward Limited Edition Pack and Starward × Whisky Loot Select Barrel full bottle at whiskyloot.com.

•  Whisky Loot × Starward Limited Edition Pack RRP $99 Available:
10th June: Whisky Loot Members – Free Shipping
11th June: General Public – Free Shipping
•  Starward × Whisky Loot Select Barrel Full Bottle RRP $169 Available:
16th June: Full bottle first access if you have purchased a Limited Edition Pack
17th June : General Public

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