One of Australia’s renowned naturopaths, Anthia Koullouros, launches anticipated tea brand – Apotheca By Anthia

Anthia Koullouros, one of Australia’s renowned natural clinicians and the founder of the original Ovvio teas, has created a new tea and tisane brand – Apotheca by Anthia

The small bespoke batches of teas and tisanes are designed for health and wellness, using Anthia’s years of experience as a naturopath and herbalist. 

The teas and tisanes are handmade in Australia using certified organic ingredients, in beautiful sustainable packaging that is compostable, re-usable, or biodegradable. 

The teas and tisanes are available from December 11. 

Anthia says, “I am so proud of my new tea range. I feel these teas really reflect what I do as a practitioner – they help provide a personal path to wellness, a special ritual for the self. They are designed to elevate people physically and mentally. Each tea has been so lovingly made, they are small batch and have healing and health at their core. 

I have taken all my learnings of tea-making and naturopathy of the last couple of decades and distilled them into the most evolved and elevated version of what I do.”

Apothecary originates from the ancient Greek word Apothēca [ἀποθήκη], a dispensary of botanical remedies. It was the place where women could be healers. 

Apotheca by Anthia will launch with a range of 11 loose leaf and seven tea bag teas that are a mix of special, small batch everyday drinking teas. 

The black teas in the range include English (organic English breakfast), Earl (organic Earl Grey), Paris (organic French Grey), and Chai Tsái (organic black chai). The tisanes include Verdant (Australian Green Tea Shincha), Zephyr (organic mint), Meadow (organic chamomile), Paddington (organic lemon), Shine (organic lemon and ginger), Ruby (organic berry) and Lion (organic dandelion chai, caffeine free).

The range will expand in coming months to feature specific ailment teas and tisanes for common conditions that Anthia sees regularly through her practice. The expanded range will include naturopathic & botanical remedies, and elixirs and herbal tonics.

Other holistic lifestyle products are also available on the Apotheca by Anthia website including medicinal grade Greek olive oil, MV Skintherapy & Kinto Teawares.

Anthia can also provide bespoke botanical tea blending workshops and masterclasses for brands or individuals, where participants learn about the art of tea blending and the healing properties of the ingredients. 

Apotheca by Anthia is available for purchase online at or at Anthia’s store and clinic in Paddington. 

The range is also available at all Sonoma cafés and stores. 

The teas and tisanes range from RRP $14.95 to $35 as tea bags, loose leaf in cardboard or loose leaf in glass amber jars.

Apotheca by Anthia
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