Sokyo’s Top Chef On How To Nail Sushi At Home

With National Sushi Day coming up on the 18 June, Sokyo’s Executive Chef, Daniel Kwak’s shares his top tips on how to nail sushi at home.

Having worked alongside the famed Sushi expert, Chase Kojima for over five years, Daniel has perfected the craft of sushi making to a fine art, so you can rest assured he knows what he’s talking about.

Sokyo’s Daniel Kwak’s Tips On How To Nail Sushi At Home

1. First and foremost, you need to ensure your rice is cooked perfectly – this is the most important part of making sushi, as no rice, no sushi! Don’t use a pressure cooker as the rice will be too soft and sticky. Another tip is to use less water than when you would prepare normal steamed rice. Sushi vinegar is also important to add balance, and be careful not to add too much sugar – you don’t want your rice too sweet!

2. If you’re making sushi rolls, you can literally put whatever you want – fresh seafood, chicken, tofu, vegetables. I like to add some crunch for texture, too. For nigiri sushi, you can easily grab filleted tuna, salmon or kingfish from your local fishmongers. My tip would be to make sure you are getting the freshest seafood you can find, and the highest quality you can afford. And if you’re not sure about your knife skills, cooked prawn sushi is a great option. 

3. Try not to overfill your sushi rolls – this is a common mistake people make when preparing sushi at home. Use less rice, take your time, and roll. 

4. Lastly – have fun making sushi at home! I love to make sushi at home with my friends and family – to me that is the best part. Not only is it great to enjoy it afterwards together, but we also have lots of fun making it together. 

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