Huon RSPCA Approved Salmon hits Coles shelves

Consumers can now choose Huon RSPCA Approved Salmon in Coles supermarkets.

Huon Aquaculture’s General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Callan Paske, said the introduction of Huon Salmon products featuring the RSPCA Approved logo will give consumers peace of mind.

“Our fish have met health and welfare standards second to none in the industry,” Callan said. 

Since joining in 2018, Huon remains the first and only seafood producer in Australia to be included in RSPCA’s Approved Farming Scheme.

“All farmers, land or sea-based, are responsible for raising animals with consideration of their needs as living, feeling beings and Huon is proud to meet the high standards of the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme,” Callan said.

In addition to high welfare standards, Huon Salmon is harvested at night, reducing the time it takes to get fresh salmon products into Coles supermarkets.

“Harvesting at night ensures we are leaving our fish in the water for as long as possible, offering consumers the freshest premium salmon products available in the market,” Callan said.

“Huon is proud to offer these new products to Coles shoppers as they represent our values of exceptional quality, freshness and high-welfare standards.”

Comprised of four products, Huon’s new RSPCA Approved range also includes flavoured options, including salmon portions coated in a zesty Lemon & Herb crumb, and a marinade option featuring Chilli, Garlic & Lime.

“Our new range offers conveniently portioned, versatile meal options that are quick and easy to cook,” Callan said.

“Salmon is a super food protein, rich in Omega-3 and adaptable to many different flavour profiles and cuisines, so why not give chicken the night off and instead give salmon a go?”

Available in two-portion packs, the new Huon RSPCA Approved Salmon range is now available in Coles supermarkets across NSW.

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