Sydney’s Bustling and Soulful Precinct, Haymarket Celebrates and Honours Moon Festival

Sydney’s multicultural melting pot, Haymarket is set to immerse itself in the spirit of the Moon Festival from Friday 15 September until Sunday 1 October. The two-week festival will pay homage to gratitude, family bonds and friendship. Haymarket will bustle with captivating installations, cultural performances, traditional Chinese art workshops, and the cherished presence of festive mooncakes. Adding to the excitement Haymarket will launch its new platform ‘Visit Haymarket’, thanks to the Uptown Accelerator program from Investment NSW. This platform empowers both locals and visitors to stay updated about new dining experience, retail outlets, and exciting activities in the area.

Deeply rooted in history, the Mid-Autumn Festival, known as the Moon Festival, holds profound significance in Asian cultures. Originating from the tradition of moon worship to express gratitude for the autumn harvest, this occasion reveres love, joy, family and camaraderie. While its origins trace back to China, the festival has now transcended borders, embraced by local communities in numerous Asian nations including Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan. It symbolises the unification of families across distances, forging personal connection, and the precious moments shared with loved ones.   

The jubilant celebrations will encompass the entirety of Haymarket, including its vibrant Chinatown. The local branch of Bendigo Bank will generously distribute traditional lanterns to businesses within the precinct, fostering their involvement in the festive spirit. Residents and tourists are encouraged to explore The Lantern Pavilion, located on the corner of Thomas and Hay street. This captivating pavilion, a collaborative effort of the Haymarket Institute, features a prominent moon crafted from eco-friendly materials, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and minimising waste. Serving as a symbol of harmony and inclusivity, the installation advocates for a more resilient future.

The grand culmination of the Moon Festival will unfold over the weekend of Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1, with two major events taking centre stage in Haymarket and the heart of Chinatown. Market City will host a mesmerising high pole acrobatic lion dance performance at 2pm (recommended arrival 30 minutes prior), presented by the esteemed Jin Wu Koon Troupes. This breath-taking spectacle will feature gravity-defying stunts with pole jumps soaring up to three meters high and spanning distances of up to two meters. Additionally, Haymarket’s premier shopping destination will host Australia’s largest Moon Cake sales from September 15 to 30, captivating cultural dance performances on October 2, and engaging traditional Chinese art workshops starting at just $10 per person. The workshops will be held daily from September 22 to 29, between 10am and 6pm, at the centre court on level one.

Speaking of the Mid-Autumn festival, Ray Khoury, centre manager, Market City Shopping Centre Haymarket said “This Moon Festival marks a significant milestone in Haymarket’s revitalisation journey. It is such a wonderful and special time for families and friends to come together and connect over a festive meal and enjoy all the colourful décor and vibrant events in Market City and around Haymarket”. 

The City of Sydney will also keep the Moon Festival celebrations going by hosting its Sydney Streets event on Saturday 30 September from 11am to 10pm. The traffic stops on Hay Street and parts of Dixon Street, Little Hay and Sussex Street to make way for local pop-up retail stores, entertainment, offers and games. Alfresco dining will spill out onto the streets, whilst a stage will be set up on Dixon Street to showcase local artists.

Haymarket is a historic, unique and distinctive part of Sydney that is a popular destination for locals and tourists. It has a special urban character that is lively, diverse and ever changing, characterised by dining and shopping. Haymarket has historic links with Chinese culture and community, but the growing influence of other Asian cultures adds to an increasing diversity of shops and restaurants throughout the precinct.

Mooncakes are a traditional Chinese dessert made specially during the Mid-Autumn Festival and are considered a delicacy to be enjoyed with loved ones. Mooncakes can be purchased at Thai Kee IGA, Emperor’s Garden Cakes & Bakery and Sweet Lu. Each retailer will have different varieties and flavours from traditional to new and exciting creations.

Proudly supported by NSW Government through the Uptown Grant Program, the Moon Festival will launch the new Visit Haymarket platforms, an initiative to tell the stories of all there is on offer in Haymarket. To celebrate, there will be giveaways across its social channels including:

●      3 x $200 dining vouchers at one of 10 restaurants on level three in Market City

●      2 x $100 TK Maxx vouchers

●      4 X $50 Thai Kee IGA vouchers

●      100 x $20 Timezone vouchers

●      2 x $100 vouchers to Bornga Korean BBQ

●      2 X $100 vouchers to Youngdabang Korean restaurant

For information, the latest news and great giveaways head to VisitHaymarket on Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook or

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