Getting to know konjac, the ancient vegetable shaking up the pasta aisle

Lower in calories and carbs, and high in fibre, Slendier’s konjac-based pasta products bring a host of health benefits to mealtime

Konjac, the ancient Japanese root vegetable, isn’t something that most Aussies are familiar with, but Slendier is showing how its products made from this wonder food are stacking up against traditional pasta products.

Australian health food brand Slendier is the largest supplier of konjac-based pasta in Australia, sourcing the vegetable directly from Asia.

Slendier’s konjac pasta range, along with its other plant-based pasta products, are rapidly becoming mainstream, moving from the health-food aisle to the pasta aisle at Coles, a shift which puts the unusual veggie in the spotlight.

Konjac pasta has less than 1 gram of carbohydrates per serve compared to between 60 grams to 80 grams for traditional wheat pasta. It is naturally low in calories, is gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, and is rich in dietary fibre. It also keeps people fuller for longer, and supports both weight loss and digestive health.

Another benefit is that konjac pasta doesn’t have a distinct taste, but absorbs the flavours of sauces, spices and herbs when cooked or stirred-through. It is pre-cooked and takes just two minutes to heat in either the microwave or stovetop.

“Unlike other products in our range such as soybean pasta, most people aren’t entirely sure what konjac is, the benefits it offers, or what it tastes like,” says Slendier managing director Erica Hughes.

“Plant-based pasta has been synonymous with the health food aisle, but with Coles now placing it front and centre in the pasta aisle, we think people will be keen to try it once they understand its benefits.”

Slendier’s pasta range, including products made from konjac and soybean, are available now online and in all major supermarkets.

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