Single O Get’s Loopy

Innovative Sydney based coffee-roaster, wholesaler and cafe company Single O announces their Gettin’ Loopy campaign, continuing their commitment to sustainability by partnering with like-minded artists and businesses who do their bit in limiting impact on the environment.  

Gettin’ Loopy campaign is a new sustainability initiative, where they are having fun whilst championing circularity via upcycling, recycling, and using more sustainable materials within their network. Single O continue to do their bit for the planet, such as becoming carbon neutral, joining 1% for the planet and a host of other commitments, however as part of their new Gettin’ Loopy campaign the team have come up with a few other fun initiatives that recycle and upcycle some of their existing products and minimise waste. 

Renowned Sydney ceramicist Malcolm Greenwood, who is known for his supply of custom designed and made tableware to hotels, restaurants and cafes throughout Australia, has partnered with Single O to create Sludge Cups. Developed alongside Single O these Sludge Cups are made using 100% of Malcolm’s ceramic waste. Malcolm already does a huge amount of work to reuse his ceramic waste but Sludge Cups take it one step further. These unique cups are exclusive to Single O and are created using the sludge from the wash-up sink and glaze that would otherwise have been chucked away. These Sludge Cups are extremely limited due to the time it takes to create them and each batch of cups will be unique with a mystery glaze in a unique pattern mirroring the placement of Malcolm’s fingers.

After Single O’s recent Art Bag series launch with legendary punk-rock inspired, original Mambo artist artist Paul McNeil.The Art Bag Project kicked-off with Paul, who’s created art for acclaimed bands The Black Keys and Rolling Stones, among others and can now be found on Single O’s 1kg coffee bean bags. Single O have partnered with local Sydney creative Gabi McInerheney from BagMeOut, who is upcycling Single O’s 1kg Paul McNeil Art Bag’s into zip surf wax bags. These handmade, limited edition, fun and practical surf wax bags are just one of Gabi’s many recycled and upcycled products and if you don’t use surf wax they can hold many other things.

Single O are also launching a Paul McNeil Surfer Eco T-Shirt, as part of making their merch more sustainable. Made using 50% recycled in-house cutting waste cotton and 50% organic cotton to help reduce the huge environmental impact cotton production has. Plus, they’re made solely using energy from wind and solar power. 

“While it’s a challenge to ‘get it all right’ when it comes to our responsibility to the environment and sustainability, we continue to persevere by playing around with different areas of waste and recycling to learn how to do both the little and big things better. We think these little nudges eventually add up and they help us work towards getting more and more right in each area of our business. Perfection is the enemy to progress in this space.”  says Single O General Manager, Mike Brabant. Malcolm Greenwood’s Sludgy Cups $30, the Paul McNeil Surf Wax bags $10 and the Paul McNeil Surfer Tee $49.95 can all be purchased online at

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