Deep End to launch in Fitzroy

Taking the local pizza scene to a new level with a whole other level of pizza

Deep End is set to launch in Fitzroy this June. Deep End is based around three iconic types of pizza – the New York style thin crust, the Detroit style square crust known for a unique light texture base focaccia base and crispy cheese rim, and the 10” Chicago style stuffed, a deep[1]dish pizza rarely seen in Australia.

Deep End caters to bring the pizza classics along with enticing variations such as roast spinach with hazelnut pesto, mozzarella and goat’s cheddar; clam pie with whole clams, bacon, grana and chilli; piney brussels with brussels sprouts, pine mushrooms, mozzarella, pecorino and ricotta; and thyme crisis with confit garlic, mascarpone, mozzarella, thyme, potato and guanciale.

It’s the little things at Deep End. Not only are the pizzas delectable, the small plates are hard to resist – roasted marrow bone with herb salad and toast; whipped taleggio with charred spring onion and focaccia; oven roasted chicken wings with limoncello, chilli flakes and flatbread; and chicken liver parfait brulee on toast are just a few of the flavour bombs on the menu.

Deep End will also host pop-up days featuring pizzas specific to other regions, so diners and locals will always be surprised by the diversity and culinary genius of the kitchen. The lunch and late-night slice (available 12-2:30 and after 8pm) features a large Detroit style slice with three toppings to choose from.

With an unassuming side street entrance off Brunswick Street, the graffitied exterior cloaks an inviting atmosphere where guests will feel at ease and find a welcoming place to unwind.

With four of Melbourne’s beer experts on board, Deep End has a range of boutique and local beers, as well as local wines from emerging winemakers and producers and a handful of well[1]considered cocktails.

Chef and co-owner, Paul Kasten (Host Dining), has partnered with marketing and brand manager, Kate Paterson (Good Beer Week), operations manager Kyle Campbell (Tsubu, Beermash and Ida Bar) and craft beer super fan/investment guru Rasmus Gundel, to introduce Deep End to Melbourne.

“Deep End is more than your local pizza restaurant,” says Paterson. “We have pooled our years of knowledge and expertise to give punters an unforgettable experience.”

412A Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
Lunch: 12pm-2:30pm Wed-Sun
Dinner: 6pm-11pm Wed-Sun
After 8pm: Detroit style corner piece with three flavours to choose from.

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