Cannoleria Launching Custard Flavour Ricotta Cannoli

Settling the age-old debate as to which is better – custard or ricotta!

Cannoleria is always looking to create innovative flavours, so when yet another customer asked about a custard filled cannolo, the team decided they had to do something about it.

There is an age-old debate raging across the world as to whether cannoli should be filled with ricotta or custard. Of course, Cannoleria uses the very best That’s Amore Ricotta in the traditional way, creating both Sicilian and chocolate flavours all year round, as well as inventive flavours of the week using all natural ingredients.

Now, Cannoleria is launching a limited-edition cannoli concept that is sure to ruffle some feathers – the Custard Flavour Ricotta Cannoli!

Born from both ricotta and custard, the Custard Flavour Ricotta Cannoli is the perfect union of flavour and texture. The Cannoleria team are so excited about the creation that they have thrown a baby shower for their little one.

The limited-edition cannoli will be launched at the That’s Amore Ricotta Festival on Sunday 1st May and will then be available in all Cannoleria stores from Friday 6th May until sold out.

“When it comes to cannoli, people get very passionate about what it should be filled with, ricotta or custard. To us the answer is simple, a cannoli should be made the traditional way, filled with ricotta,” says Cannoleria co-owner Dario Di Clerico.

“But now we are settling this biblical battle with our limited-edition Custard Flavour Ricotta Cannoli and we can’t wait for people to taste it!”

Like a proud parent, Cannoleria is releasing its creation out into the world and it is up to Melburnians to try this new and innovative cannoli before it is sold out.

What: Limited edition Custard Flavour Ricotta Cannoli
When/Where: Launching Sunday 1st May at That’s Amore Ricotta Festival
In Cannoleria stores from Friday 6th May until sold out
Who: Another innovative cannoli from the Cannoleria team
Why: To settle the battle between ricotta and custard cannoli

Image credit: Fabio Risi

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