Ishizuka Reveals Its New Autumn Menu

A New Menu Honours The Season At Ishizuka This Autumn, And Pairs Perfectly With The Restaurant’s Award-Winning Drinks And Refined Service

Esteemed Kaiseki restaurant Ishizuka honours the seasonal change with its Autumnal menu created by Head Chef Hitoshi Miyazawa. Hitoshi carries on the legacy of Creative Director Masahiko Yomoda with Ishizuka’s Autumn menu reflecting the colours, flavours and sensations of the season through Haute Japanese cuisine.

The pinnacle of Japanese cuisine, Kaiseki is an elaborate, multi-course feast that emphasises quality and seasonal produce to showcase exceptional culinary art. The 10 courses include:

  1. Sakizuke – Marron Bisque, Spanner Crab & Scallop
  2. Zenzai – Abalone, Sanma, Paradise Prawn, Octopus, Sweet Black Bean, Pumpkin Castella & Lotus Root
  3. Sakisui – Oyster & Yuba, Scampi, Chrysanthemum
  4. Otsukuri – Tuna, Flathead, Hapuka & Lobster
  5. Yakimono – Teriyaki Barramundi & Ikura
  6. Sunomono – Snow Crab, Taro Potato & Bonito Vinegar
  7. Diamono – Kagoshima A5 Wagyu, Shimeji & Black Croquette
  8. Oshinogi  – Toro Nigiri
  9. Shokuji – Ochazuke, Unagi & Truffle
  10. Kanmi – Chestnut, Black Sesame, Persimmon & Quince Sorbet

At Ishizuka, patrons can also enjoy award-winning drink pairings, with David Lawler’s small and yet perfectly formed wine list having won Best Small List (50 Wines) for the third year in a row at Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards last year; alongside a Best Non-Alcoholic List designed by Nick Tesar (Bar Liberty, and recent co-author of ‘All Day Cocktails’) that won at the same awards last year. 

“We chose these pairings for their sensitivity to the cuisine. These refined and elegant expressions of wine, sake, and spirits provide a platform to showcase the detail and finesse of the menu. Our selection is one of harmony with the food, of lightness finesse and purity. One which will allow for the most heightened enjoyment of the menu,” says David Lawler.

In addition to haute Japanese cuisine, Ishizuka is renowned for its exceptional service in its intimate 16-seat dining room. Lead by Restaurant Manager Louise Naimo – previously Restaurant Manager at IDES and runner up in the Appetite for Excellence’s Young Waiter of the Year – expect service as refined as the kaiseki courses you’ll be dining on.

Image credit: Eve Wilson

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