Do yourself a flavour and taste all-new sauces from Fancy Hank’s

Melbourne barbecue experts Fancy Hank’s have given a saucy update to their popular condiments range launching three new versatile flavours just in time for summer. Featuring a can’t-go-wrong classic Tomato Sauce, a sweet Banana Ketchup and a hot Pineapple Reaperfor those daring enough to try.

Based on Hank’s grandmother’s secret recipe, Nan’s Tomato Saucehas been up-skilled to a 2021 version where the balance is just right. The ingredients are simple, sourcing the best locally grown tomatoes to be found, add malt vinegar, raw Queensland sugar and southern sea salt, and finish with a little zing of Indigenous ground mountain pepper berries. If sausage rolls, pasties, meat pies, hot dogs and burgers are piled high on the platter, then a bottle of this traditional Tomato Sauce is the perfect match. 375ml bottle available now for $13.

Originating from the Philippines, Banana Ketchup is a sweet and floral sauce that is a perfect substitute for chutney and a sure-fire conversation starter. The story goes that during deployment in WW2, American soldiers stationed in the Philippines ran out of tomatoes to make their beloved ketchup. Fruits were tried as replacements, and the iconic banana won out and created the inspiration for the sauce. The ingredients include the likes of onions, bananas, a dash of apple juice to the classic vinegar, sugar and salt combination. Try it on a barbequed pork sausage or two, even some egg fried rice for lunch on a hot summer’s day – be sure to thank Hank later. 375ml bottle available now for $13.

In the mood for an extreme heat hit on the palate? The Pineapple Reaper packs a punch with a side of sweetness and tropical fruit. This tasty sauce is pineapple forward, serving up a lasting depth of character from the white miso and lime juice. 100ml bottle available mid-October for $11.

Make sure to get your sauce on and savour every last drop from the decorative glass bottle whilst devouring your favourite smoked barbecue of choice.

All sauces come in a signature Fancy Hank’s glass bottle and can be purchased online via or at select stockists nationally, as seen here.

Fancy Hank’s specialise in slow-cooked American BBQ, cooked in an in-house two-tonne custom-built smoker. Famous for their house-made delicious sauces from award-winning chefs.

Fancy Hank’s
1/79 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Image credit: Kristoffer Paulsen

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