Connect with loved ones this Christmas, no matter how near or far

Hallmark reimagines the humble Christmas card with a sentimental video twist. 

With Australia being one of the countries most affected by lockdown restrictions, family members and loved ones have had to be creative when finding ways to stay connected. This Christmas, to help savour Christmas traditions and keep connections alive, Hallmark Cards, Inc. has launched the Hallmark Video Greeting Cards range.

For those who can’t be there in the moment, Hallmark Video Greeting Cards are a way to capture the Christmas spirit and combine old traditions with new through the power of technology.

From Nonna recording a video on her favourite tips for creating her delectable Christmas pavlova recipe, to the kids filming their rehearsals for the annual Christmas talent show, the Hallmark Video Greeting Cards are a way to capture our favourite moments, and upload them using a QR code, ensuring nobody misses out on Christmas memories.

One Australian separated from loved ones this Christmas is Australian cook, author and presenter, Justine Schofield.

“My friends and I are sentimental during the festive season, with numerous Christmas traditions that have been carried out since high school. One of my personal favourites is finding gifts for my friends that have special meaning, and on Christmas Day we share the story behind it,” says Justine Schofield.

“This year Christmas will be a little different, so we’ve recorded the meaning behind the gift through the Hallmark Video Greeting Card so that our most important Christmas traditions can live on.”

By simply scanning the card’s QR code, the Hallmark Video Greeting Cards allow for a video message to be recorded solo, or stitches together multiple videos by inviting family or friends to film their own. To add a special personalised touch, songs, photos and messages can be included and are combined with the video to create a seamless and sentimental experience. To watch, the recipient simply scans the card’s QR code, bringing the Christmas moment to life.

Hallmark Video Greeting Cards are available exclusively in-store at Coles from November 2021 and are made in Australia using Hallmark’s global technology, using responsibly sourced paper. The range includes five exciting Christmas designs for $10 per card.

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