Father’s Day DIY Cannoli Kit from Cannoleria

Coffee and Averna Cannoli for the Dads 

Cannoleria has launched a special DIY Cannoli Kit for Father’s Day and Dad will love it. Blending the Sicilian dessert with coffee and the popular digestif on the island, Averna, this cannoli is sure to impress.

The Father’s Day Cannoli has coffee-infused ricotta with a swirl of Averna within the signature crunchy shell. Candied orange peel garnish and icing sugar finish this dessert off perfectly.

Averna is usually served with coffee as a digestif after a meal and is named after its inventor, Salvatore Averna, who created the recipe in 1868. It is produced on the island of Sicily and considered a traditional drink.

Cannoleria Father’s Day DIY Cannoli Kit, $25
  •  6 large cannoli shells
  •  Piping bag with coffee-infused ricotta and Sicilian Amaro swirl
  •  Candied orange peel
  •  Icing sugar
  •  Instruction card and QR code to tutorial YouTube video to learn how to
      perfectly fill the cannoli

This Father’s Day kit is available for pre-order now and orders can be placed until Saturday, 4th September (unless sold out prior).

Delivery is $5 and covers a 15km radius of all Cannoleria stores – including those closed during lockdown, so most of metro Melbourne and Geelong is covered – on Friday, 3rd September; Saturday, 4th September; and Sunday, 5th September.

Store pick up is available on Saturday, 4th September and Sunday, 5th September.

So, Melburnians and those in Geelong need look no further for the perfect Father’s Day treat.



Images by Fabio Risi

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