That’s Amore Cheese releases new cheese & pasta classes

Gain produce-making skills this winter

That’s Amore Cheese has launched its cheese- and pasta-making classes for winter and there is something for everyone.

Whether you are wanting to learn how cheese is made from start to finish with the Beginners Cheese Making Class – from milk to cheese, or simply want to have some fun while learning with friends with the shorter Mozzarella Making Class – make your own mozzarella, these classes are not to be missed by cheese lovers. And then there is the pasta-making class from expert Gianna Donnini.

The Beginners Cheese Making Class is for anyone who wants to learn about the full cheese-making process. In the full-day interactive workshop you will learn how to make Italian-style cheese from milk to the finished product. A few litres of milk will be transformed into Primo Sale (the mother of all cheeses), mozzarella and ricotta. There will also be a delicious Italian lunch and glass of wine.

In the two-hour Mozzarella Making Class, guests will learn the secrets to making silky smooth mozzarella in a fun and casual environment. The cheesemaker will cover the basics of how the milk is transformed into curd before participants get hands-on and learn how to stretch the curd into mozzarella. You will also learn how to shape the mozzarella into bocconcini and trecce. The class will finish with a guided cheese tasting and glass of wine.

Who better to learn about making cheese than from one of Melbourne’s best cheesemakers?

Or, perhaps you want to try your hand at making pasta for everyday meals and entertaining with the Tortellini and Ravioli Class. Gianna Donnini (head pasta maker at Donnini’s, Carlton) will guide participants through the art of pasta making with this hands-on class that will teach how to make tagliatelle, spinach & ricotta tortelloni and pumpkin ravioli. From making the dough, to kneading, filling and shaping the pasta, you will learn all the skills you need to make your own egg pasta using a domestic pasta machine.

That’s Amore Cheese classes are held at The Cheesery demonstration kitchen at 66 Latitude Blvd, Thomastown. Everything required for the class is included.


Beginners Cheese Making Class – from milk to cheese
Saturday, 10th July & Saturday, 18th September | 10am
Duration 5 hours
Gourmet Italian-style lunch included, as well as Primo Sale & freshly made mozzarella to take home
$180 per person

Mozzarella Making Class – make your own mozzarella!
Sunday, 15th August | 10am
Duration 2 hours
Cheese tasting and glass of wine included
$110 per person

Tortelloni & Ravioli Class – learn how to make fresh pasta with Gianna Donnini
Saturday, 3rd July; Saturday, 31st July; and Saturday, 28th August | 10am
Duration 3 hours
Italian-style lunch with drinks is included, and a take-home apron
$110 per person

That’s Amore Cheese classes tend to sell out quickly so early purchase is recommended.

That’s Amore Cheese class tickets are available here:

That’s Amore! Cheesery
66 Latitude Blvd, Thomastown VIC 3074
03 9463 4222

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