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It’s the time of year where the Hass v Shepard debate is in full swing. It’s a tale as old as time, and we’re eagerly awaiting the return of the superior (Hass) fruit to come back into season. But in the meantime, restaurateur Ibby Moubadder (owner of Nour, Henrietta, LILYMU and Cuckoo Callay) is throwing an avocado festival at Cuckoo Callay in Surry Hills for eight weeks, from 13 April to 11 June. 

Avocados Australia data showed that the average Australian ate 4kg of avocados in 2020. “Australians are the highest consumers, per capita, for avocados in the English-speaking world, a title we are proud of,” said Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas. 

Since we’re so nuts for the avo, Ibby Moubadder’s team (across his restaurants) have come together to devise a menu that pays homage to the big, green beautiful fruit. Dishes will include an avo burger, buttermilk avo chips and even an avogato (avocado ice cream served with a double shot of espresso).

Paul Farag (Nour) and Brendan Fong (LILYMU) have created dishes that tip the classic avo toast on its head whilst also paying homage to their heritage. Paul’s dish is tahini avocado served on saj bread with chermoula scrambled eggs, sujuk, wild rocket and herbs, while Brendan’s dishing up spiced avocado served on tostadas with smoked salmon, green nam jim, Thai herbs and a 63-degree poached egg. 

Kiss My Hass @ Cuckoo Callay | 13 April to 11 June 2021
413–415 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010
02 8399 3679
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