Gelato with Benefits coming to a store near you!

Acai, Protein or Kombucha, whatever your preferred wellness go-to, enjoy it in a Gelatissimo gelato for a truly beneficial treat … 

Always fresh, always delicious and endlessly innovative, the team at Gelatissimo are proud to introduce their new Gelato with Benefitsrange – a trio of new flavours that promote beneficial ingredients as the hero.

First there is ACAI BOWL, a Brazilian acai berry gelato topped with berries and granola, made with Amazon PowerAcai. The crunchy golden granola by Carman’s is made with a blend of oats, nuts, puffed rice and pepitas, toasted with honey, cinnamon and vanilla. Regarded as the #1 Superfood, acai has more than five times the antioxidant power of blueberries, and is the star ingredient in this delicious flavour. Amazon Power is the first to introduce acai to the Australian market since 2005 and is one of the largest suppliers of acai in the country.

Next is CHOC COCONUT PROTEIN, a creamy vegan-friendly choc coconut gelato, made with Blessed Protein Powder. With a non-dairy base of coconut and soy milk, this is the perfect flavour for plant-based customers. Blessed Proteinis an all-natural, vegan-friendly, gluten-free plant protein powder made from pea protein, produced with 100% sustainable raw ingredients. It’s the perfect post-workout treat!

And lastly, to cleanse the palate is GINGER & LEMON KOMBUCHA.This is a refreshing ginger and lemon tea gelato made with Rok Kombucha, which is handmade and batch brewed locally in Margaret River. The kombucha used for this flavour is an authentic, raw kombucha infused with cold-pressed ginger and lemon, filtered pure Margaret River water, certified organic white and green tea and certified organic kombucha culture. This is then topped with a ginger swirl with real ginger pieces.

Fresh, delicious and packed with wellness benefits, try the new Gelato with Benefits range for the treat that keeps on giving.

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