Castle Estate introduces sustainable kangaroo harvest into its paddock-to-plate legacy

The protein-rich meat is now readily available for human consumption, with environmental benefits to rejoice.  

Castle Estate is the only abattoir in Victoria cultivating kangaroo meat for human consumption, under a new licence allocated by the Andrews Labor Government, connecting Victorians with the delicious, lean meat.

After almost 120,000 kangaroos were culled in 2020 (for the production of pet food or inhumanely left to rot in paddocks), the Castle Estate family has made a foray into another realm of farming for 2021. With Food Safety as a top priority, the facilities at Castle Estate are perfect to ensure that the highest standards are met to enable the meat fit for human consumption. Castle Estate enforce the guidelines working with professional hunters and licensed field harvesters to enable this to come to market.

Ethical, natural and sustainable farming is in the Castle family’s blood. Unwavering advocates for humane farming practices, Castle Estate is the only abattoir to have been awarded the licence to process kangaroo as part of this program in Victoria.

All harvesters looking to supply kangaroos for human consumption, must be registered and certified under the Victorian Kangaroo Harvesting Program and the relevant PrimeSafe licensing. In a bid to celebrate and humanely harvest the animal, Castle Estate is embracing the kangaroo in a 100% wild, organic, grass-fed way of farming.

“We see kangaroo harvest as an opportunity to utilise the protein source like other parts of the country have done for many years,” says Steven Castle. “Reducing waste and maximising the accessibility and premium quality of meat for consumption per animal is one of our key values, and our approach to kangaroo farming is no exception to this legacy. Rearing animals takes years and is a process that we believe deserves respect as do the animals themselves.”

Castle Estate is now the conduit for healthy, high-quality kangaroo meat to land on Australian families’ tables. The nutritional value of kangaroo meat has less than 2% fat, making it a healthier alternative to other red meat counterparts.

Kangaroo meat is also high in protein and essential B vitamins, as well as minerals such as zinc, iron and omega 3 fats and omega 6 fatty acids. Kangaroo also contains double the amount of iron in beef and triple that of chicken and pork, making it a welcome addition to any modern Australian diet.

Compounding myriad health benefits, kangaroo meat is also an environmentally-friendly protein, boasting low emissions and significantly reducing the animal’s negative impact on the land. This year, the local government will cull 4.8% of the kangaroo population in order to help farmers reduce the animal’s destruction of local crops, with Castle Estate being able to turn waste into a sustainable source of protien.

The Victoria Government Press Release regarding the new kangaroo harvesting licence awarded to Castle Estate can be found here:

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