Ready, Set, Dough! ‘Vera Pizza Day’ The World’s First Pizza Marathon Happening This Weekend

15 pizza professionals, 13 countries, 12 languages, 24 hours. 

This Sunday, 17 January, the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana  (AVPN) is hosting the world’s first pizza marathon on ‘Vera Pizza Day’, streaming 24 hours of mixing, tossing and baking by 15 of the best pizza slingers from around the globe.

To celebrate the first edition of Vera Pizza Day, pizza fans all over the world are invited to join the online global marathon and learn the fine art of making Neapolitan pizza – a thin, authentic Italian dough made with only four ingredients.

After the traditional lighting of the Sant’Antuono ‘fire’ at the AVPN offices in Naples, Australia will be kicking things off at 10:30am AEST with 400 Gradi and Gradi Group Director Johnny Di Francesco, a respected chef, restaurateur and pizza professional whose famous margherita pizza was crowned the very best in the world at the 2014 World Pizza Championships.

Di Francesco will then pass the virtual baton to a leading pizza maker in Japan, before it is passed to Korea, Thailand, Russia, Egypt, Turkey, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, finishing in the USA.

To watch the marathon unfold and pick up some pizza skills along the way, viewers can tune in via the AVPN Facebook page.

Vera Pizza Day details:
Date: Sunday, 17 January
Time: From 10:01am AEST, with Australia’s Johnny Di Francesco on at 10:30am–12:00pm
Price: Free
AVPN media announcement:
Link to watch online: via the AVPN Facebook page

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