Mr Yum launches Australia’s first QR code ordering Tabs feature – powering COVID-safe Christmas parties all around the country

Mr Yum has announced the launch of mobile ordering Tabs – a new technology that enables customers to set up a digital tab at restaurants, bars and pubs across the country. An Australian first, the new feature launches just in time for silly season events and will make dining out both easier and safer for guests and venues.

Customers can start a tab for themselves via the Mr Yum QR code menu, placing multiple food and beverage orders throughout their visit and close out the bill when they leave. If patrons are in a group, the Tabs owner can share the unique QR code and website link, enabling friends and colleagues to order from their own devices and charge it back to the original card attached to the tab.

“Mr Yum’s goal has always been to help the hospitality and entertainment industries grow and become more profitable,” says co-founder and CEO of Mr Yum, Kim Teo. “A tab feature has been one of the most requested functions from both guests and venues since we started Mr Yum in late 2018. We’re thrilled to launch this feature, and confident that Tabs will make ordering and paying more efficient and less stressful for both guests and staff. The industry relies on a profitable silly season, and this year, Tabs will mean guests can spend less time lining up at the bar or squabbling over a bill at the end of the night, and more time enjoying food and drinks with friends.

Leading a digital revolution for the hospitality industry, Mr Yum has proven to be one of Australia’s best solutions for venues. Mr Yum’s digital menus and contactless ordering removes the “admin” side of service, freeing up hospitality staff for more quality interaction with guests. By scanning a Mr Yum QR code or tapping an NFC chip, the web-based platform allows customers to register for contact tracing, then order food and drinks and pay via their smartphones, which then arrives directly to their table. The addition of the Tabs function makes it easier than ever to support the hospitality industry and enjoy dining out safely.

“Technology isn’t here to replace interaction, it’s here to be an enabler of more quality interaction. Taking an order and taking payment can be some of the most administrative and time-consuming parts of a wait staff member’s job, so if they didn’t have to do any of the admin their job would be just to be hospitable and create a meaningful experience for guests,” says Teo.

Orders from a Mr Yum tab are received as normal for venues, ensuring there is no change to the operations. All cards are pre-authorised, ensuring no risk to venues not being paid or having to chase up payments at the end of the night.

Mr Yum’s Tab function is available in venues now. New venues can apply for a Mr Yum menu to set up a tabs at


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