Pomegranate Margarita by Vernon’s Bar in One Penny Red

Talented Mixologist Shivajee (Shiva) Bhandari at Vernon’s Bar in One Penny Red takes us through the steps in making a fabulous Pomegranate Margarita to enjoy over this long, hot summer.


50mls of Tequila Blanco
40mls of Pomegranate juice
20mls of Lime juice
10mls of Crawley’s Grenadine
10mls of Crawley’s Agave

Pour all ingredients into a shaker, fill it up with ice, shake and strain

Old Fashioned glass filled with ice

Dehydrated or fresh lime wheel & Pomegranate arils

Vernon’s Bar, One Penny Red
First Floor, 2 Moonbie Street, Summer Hill NSW 2130
02 9797 8118
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