Get Ready For Kick-Off: Winghaus Launches Chicken Sandwich Season

We are about to make your day with two words: Chook Sambo! Winghaus is launching a range of epic, limited-edition chicken sandwiches, which means you can enjoy arguably Australia’s best finger-lickin’, spice-kicked, sauce-smothered fried chicken between an insanely soft milk bun for nine whole glorious weeks.

It’s time to get primed, pumped and appetite-psyched, because Winghaus’ inaugural Chicken Sandwich Season kicks off this Wednesday 15th February and runs until Sunday 30th April, at all four Winghaus locations:

  • Circular Quay, Sydney
  • Barangaroo, Sydney
  • Edward Street, Brisbane
  • Bowen Hills, Brisbane

At $22 each, there are six, cheeky, fried-chicken stuffed sandwiches to choose from, all inspired by Winghaus’ iconic sauce flavours.

Nashville & Fries: fried chicken breast dusted with Winghaus’ secret spice blend, boosted with Nashville seasoning, the crunch of pickles and fresh slaw, and a generous squeeze of special sauce.

Spicy Korean & Fries: fried chicken breast with the secret spice blend, house-made cucumber kimchi, crisp pickles, and a double-hit of ranch sauce and a tangy Korean BBQ sauce.

Texas BBQ & Fries: fried chicken breast with secret spice blend, fresh slaw, crunchy pickles, melted cheese, and flavour-packed Texas BBQ sauce.

Parmi & Fries: fried chicken breast with secret spice blend, creamy mozzarella, lettuce, basil, and a generous smothering of Napolitana sauce.

Old School & Fries: fried chicken breast with secret spice blend, iceberg lettuce, pickles, and the addition of delicious, garlicky aioli.  

Honey Sriracha Deluxe & Fries: fried chicken breast with secret spice blend, crisp radish, iceberg lettuce, chives, and a honey-laced sriracha sauce. 

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