Martini Time at Alice

If you haven’t already visited Alice, the newest most exclusive cocktail bar in The Rocks, now is the perfect excuse to do so. From next week you can unwind with Martini Time, when four seductive martinis are just $10 each. On the menu are:

Gin & ‘IT’London Dry Gin and Sweet Vermouth served 50:50 with a drop of orange bitters.
Short for Gin and “Italian Vermouth”, once called a Sweet Martini, this drink was wildly popular in the 1880s and 1890s

Flame of LoveBelvedere Vodka and Fino Sherry served 8:1 with burnt orange oils
Created by bartender Pepe Ruiz In 1970 for Dean Martin at Chasen’s, West Hollywood

Dry Martini London Dry Gin and Dry Vermouth served 4:1 with olives or lemon peel
While sweeter versions appear much earlier, the Dry Martini first appeared in print in 1903.

Alaska London Dry Gin and Yellow Chartreuse served 3:1 with lemon peelIn 1913, the recipe called for Old Tom Gin, Yellow Chartreuse and a dash of orange bitters. By 1930, the bitters had been dropped and Old Tom replaced with Dry Gin.

A quartet of clever twists on the classic cocktail, they are available Wednesday & Thursday 5pm-6pm and Friday & Saturday 4.30pm-6pm.

Bookings are recommended: Some seats are reserved for walk-ins.

Image credit: Steven Woodburn

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