Souper Bistro – “Eat good, do good!”

What is Souper Bistro?

“At its very core, Souper Bistro is a social enterprise café, nourishing people heart, body and soul!”

It’s a social enterprise café, providing delicious and nutritious kosher meals with an Eastern European flavour!

All Souper Bistro profits go to Souper Kitchen charity. By eating at Souper Bistro, you are directly supporting the Souper Kitchen initiative.

About Souper

Souper Bistro is the brainchild of Avi and Sarah Bendetsky and Alina Zamel-Well and is the off-shoot from Souper Kitchen, a non for profit, charitable organisation, designed to provide the community with free home-style meals as well as fresh produce, grocery and necessity items to those in need. Souper Kitchen places a particular focus on serving Holocaust survivors, residents of public housing, victims of family abuse and violence, isolated community members, people living with disability, new migrants, single mums and people experiencing challenging financial situations. They are currently heavily involved in supporting the Ukrainian people. Founder Sarah Bendetsky has been a media regular over the last few weeks, spreading the message of urgent support required for the Ukrainian people.

“We are not exclusively Jewish by any means, we stand for diversity, education, love and tolerance – all are welcome to eat with us!”

Head Chef

Souper Bistro’s cuisine is a family restaurant and catering hub, with a focus on Eastern European style, kosher cuisine very much like grandma used to make! The menu is made up of Russian and Polish staples, such as pelmeni, Borsch, Olivier salad and so on.

The kitchen is led by Zlata Gluzman, Head Chef and culinary genius, who creates beautiful meals with a huge sprinkle of love and spice.

The sous-chefs and kitchen support staff are a group of strong women, who are experts in loving preparing family style food and watch every detail to the last crumb. The results are simply delicious. The coffee and sweet morsels are also wonderful.

Souper Bistro hours of operation:
Monday – Thursday: 12pm – 7pm Friday: 10am – 5pm


Image credit: Sav Schulman

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