Returning to the land that bore birth to FELLR, the hard seltzer company is championing local artists with the launch of their latest campaign ‘A Land of Fizz’. The project features work by highly regarded artists Ondine Seabrook, Cloudy Rhodes and Sam Brumby from a trip to Yarrangobilly in the Snowy Mountains of NSW.

With the sunburnt country we call home, its rich landscapes, culture and people the major inspiration behind FELLR it’s only fitting the company extend that insight with local creators. FELLR Co-Founders Will Morgan and Andy Skora explain further saying “it’s been the springboard for all of our visual, lingual and tonal cues, and in our mind it’s what makes this country so unique and precious.” With that in mind the trio were tasked to “bring to life a special side of the country through their chosen medium.” They continue “For us this was how Ondine captures lush landscapes through her paintings, cueing senses of nostalgia of holidays or travels past, and seeing the world through Cloudy’s lens, a unique look into the natural world, bringing to life the landscapes and rich communities this country has to offer.”

Equipped with film, paint and a load of FELLRs the trio embarked on a multi-day escape to the land with a mission of translating the inspiring landscape into their art. The trip yielded three unique artworks from Ondine Seabrook, photographer Cloudy Rhodes captured the art in motion through their emotive imagery and Director Sam Brumby caught it all in a short film you can discover HERE.

On top of these abilities Ondine Seabrook‘s accomplished works play between abstraction and representation offering a unique perspective. On the experience Seabrook shares “as a landscape painter, it just makes so much more sense to work directly from the landscape. I work so much faster out here, and I don’t over think what I am doing.”

Similarly, award-winning director Cloudy Rhodes brings their own particular view. Having works nominated for an AACTA and premiering their latest work at the Tribeca Film Festival, their serene body of work captures the natural world and celebrates gender fluidity and expression. On the inspiration brought from a new environment, Rhodes exclaims “It takes you off autopilot being in a new place and a new space and seeing new things and looking in different directions. I spend so much time with my work in my head, so actually being out in nature was just the ultimate experience to get it all out.”

Regularly contributing to the Australian music scene through film clips and tour diaries, Sam Brumby said of the inspiration the trio drew from their surrounds began every dawn and “…the morning ritual of jumping in the creek bordering our campsite and feeling instantly refreshed and energetic.” A clear exercise in the inspiration the Australian landscape brings, discover FELLR’s ‘Land of Fizz’ journey by Sam Brumby HERE.

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