Sunday Feels at the Roadhouse

Introducing Sunday Feels at the Roadhouse in Byron Bay with a selection of Feels Botanical eau de vie cocktails by Dylan Leacey.

“The Roadhouse Bar menu focuses on sustainability as we try to approach a zero waste cocktail program, and Feels Botanicals is in line with our ethos of supporting local, quality, craft produce. The Feels range uses a unique combination of native botanicals and this adds a level of complexity and sensorial journey in the drinks, while delivering more mouthfeel, but without the need for additional sugar. – says Mixologist Dylan Leacey.

Every Sunday in February and March, visit the Roadhouse for Feels Botanical eau de vie cocktails, delicious food, and weekly changing live music.

Treat yourself to a Basking Tommy’s Margarita with Dylan’s zero waste orange liqueur made from left-over bar scraps (orange peel and flesh) which is fermented in alcohol. It’s packed with flavour and pairs beautifully with the hemp, quandong and kakadu plum botanicals in Feels Botanical Bask eau de vie grape spirit. Stir together with agave and lime juice, and you have the perfect Tommy’s Margarita.

Small batch Feels Botanical is 100% Australian owned, and free from grains, gluten, preservatives and added sugars. The eau de vie grape spirit Feels Botanical can be purchased directly from their website or at the Suffolk Park bottle shop, Sunrise Cellars, and The Little General Store in Newrybar. Cocktails can also be enjoyed at local venues including Bang Bang, Raes on Wategos, Harvest Newrybar, Super Natural, Daughter in Law and Mez Club. @feelsbotanicals

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