Lotus Dining Group and Tokyo Lamington launch three limited edition Year of the Tiger flavours

To celebrate the start of Lunar New Year, Lotus Dining Group has teamed up with Tokyo Lamington to create three exclusive Year of the Tiger lamington flavours:

The Tiger: Charcoal black sponge cake with a stripey yuzu, sesame cream and orange curd centre, dipped in white chocolate, covered with black sesame and orange coated coconut shreds.

The Fortune Cookie: Vanilla sponge with a crushed fortune cookie and white chocolate mousse, dipped in white chocolate, coated with a crushed cookie crumb, topped with a lucky red fortune cookie.

The Lychee: Vanilla sponge cake with lychee pieces, filled with lychee jelly cream, dipped in white chocolate sauce, coated in coconut and pistachio flakes.

“Lunar New Year is a special time for us at Lotus Dining Group. This year we wanted to create a dessert which celebrates the spirit of the tiger, but also pairs well with our festive banquets.” said Lotus Dining Group’s Head Chef, Steve Wu.

The Year of the Tiger is said to signify strength, power and bravery. These elements were front and centre for Lotus Dining Group when partnering with Newtown’s Tokyo Lamington which is known for its playful, multi-texture style and deep understanding of flavour profiles.

“The team at Tokyo Lamington are really creative and we love the way they celebrate diverse flavour combinations. These three lamington flavours are delicious, and I think they will provide a balanced finish to Lunar New Year banquets across our venues, sharing happiness and prosperity with our diners.” added Wu.

“We’ve been fans of Lotus Dining Group for years and enjoyed creating custom flavours in celebration of the Year of the Tiger. We worked with Steve and the team to draw on elements which are synonymous with contemporary Chinese cuisine – Yuzu, black sesame, lychee and of course fortune cookies, which could be incorporated into our Lamingtons.“ said Tokyo Lamington’s Co-Owner, Eddie Stewart.

Lotus Dining Group x Tokyo Lamington Year of the Tiger lamingtons will be available exclusively from 29 January to 13 February or until sold out: ● In-venue | The Tiger flavour $14 each ● Take away from Lotus The Galeries | Triple pack of each flavour $29 ● Providoor | Triple pack of each flavour $29; or as part of Lotus Dining Group’s Lunar New Year Banquet $298

Image credits: Alana Dimou

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