How to make a Corpse Reviver cocktail this Halloween

Join Australia’s most lovable online alcohol subscription service, Gin Loot, and celebrate Halloween this year with a gin drink that is so delicious, it’s good enough to raise the dead!

The Corpse Revivers are a family of pre-prohibition drinks that were named for their hangover-curing properties. Many of the variants have struggled to adapt to the modern palate, but it is the No.2 version that has stood the test of time and become a popular and delicious gin classic. 

As Harry Craddock said in the infamous 1930s The Savoy Cocktail Book (the most famous cocktail book of all time): “Four of these taken in swift succession will unrevive the corpse again” – so make sure to drink responsibly.

   20ml Gin – Gin Loot recommends Lark Forty Spotted Tassie Bush Honey Gin
   20ml Cointreau/Triple Sec
   20ml Lillet Blanc
   20ml lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
   Rinse: Absinthe 
   Garnish: lemon peel 
   Ice Cubes (for shaking)
   Cocktail glass

   Rinse a chilled cocktail glass with a splash of absinthe.
   Add all your ingredients to the shaker.
   Fill shaker to the brim with cubes of ice.
   Shake hard for 30 seconds.
   Fine strain into the chilled, absinthe-rinsed cocktail glass.

Tim Laferla Gin Loot’s resident GINius shares his top tips to creating this spooky spirited cocktail: “Remember to chill your glass in the freezer for 5 minutes before you fill it, to keep your drink colder and fresher for longer. Fine straining through a mesh strainer (like a tea strainer), removes all the small ice chips to create a silky smooth texture”.

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