Cold Rock Ice Creamery launches Rock Your Dough take-home tubs!

The mouth-watering cookie dough can be eaten both raw and baked, adding new possibilities to the enjoyment of Cold Rock’s iconic desserts. 

Cold Rock Ice Creamery is giving Australian dessert lovers even more reason to satisfy their sweet tooth with the launch of Rock Your Dough take-home Cookie Dough tubs, a first for the brand. Filled with mouth-watering cookie dough, the indulgent snack can be enjoyed raw or baked and is also suitable for vegans.

Available to purchase now in Cold Rock stores, the 480g dough-filled tubs come in two moreish flavours; Original Choc Chip cookie dough, perfect for those who appreciate the classic and much-loved taste, as well as a Triple Choc cookie dough for those seeking pure chocolatey decadence.

A much-loved staple amongst their extensive selection of Mix Ins, Cold Rock’s cookie dough is now new and improved and has been designed to be enjoyed in various different ways. In stores, the cookie dough can add extra deliciousness to Cold Rock’s Ice Cream in the form of a Mix In; or at home, it can be baked in the oven to create a batch of warm chewy cookies. Reigniting childhood memories of scraping the bowl clean as cookie dough was mixed, Rock Your Dough can also simply, but delectably, be eaten straight from the tub for the ultimate sweet treat experience.

“At Cold Rock, we are all about providing our customers with another opportunity to smile and be happy, so it only made sense to have our own take on the universally loved cookie dough. We wanted our product to be unique so Rock Your Dough, which has been in development for some two years, has been formulated so that it can be eaten both raw and baked. We’re excited to finally launch it and offer customers old and new a delicious treat experience which can be enjoyed anywhere, especially in the comfort of their homes!” says Stan Gordon, CEO of Cold Rock Management.

Cold Rock’s first foray into the FMCG category, the new product will expand the brand’s offering and fill a gap in the market for a cookie dough that tastes just as good raw as it does baked.

Rock Your Dough is also vegan, providing Australians a dairy- and lactose-free dessert option that doesn’t disappoint in taste. Perfect for cosy nights in with friends, stress-free baking or a naughty treat, Cold Rock’s Rock Your Dough tubs are the ideal option to fulfil the needs of those with diverse dietary requirements.

Bring rich cookie luxury to the comfort of your couch, or anywhere else fit for a cookie dough feast, with Cold Rock’s newest treat!

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