Melbourne’s NON releases NON7 – Stewed Cherry & Coffee

Sour cherries, cold brew coffee, garam masala, allspice, nutmeg, cascara, pink peppercorn, Murray River salt, verjus, filtered water  

NON, the zero per cent wine alternative’s latest release, NON7 – Stewed Cherry & Coffee,arrives mid-July at boutique bottle shops and online at Evocative of a rich dry Lambrusco, the new release is a reinterpretation of red wine made with cherries, coffee and aromatic spices.

Flying in the face of convention, NON beverages are more than a non-alcoholic alternative. It’s not about what is taken away but how it is created. Building flavour profiles from the ground up, more like chefs or even perfumers, NON mimics the complex notes of wines – tannins, florals, salinity and acidity – through careful manipulation of ingredients more often found in the kitchen. 

NON is a complete re-think of the wine occasion. Each NON product is the result of an incredibly intricate and labour-intensive process and could be seen as ‘gastronomy in a bottle’. To produce NON7 each month, NON’s bespoke Moorabbin facility will stew around 250kg cherries by hand over four days. The result is a deep cherry base, balanced with slight chocolatey bitterness from cold-brew coffee, tannins from cascara (the dried skins of a coffee cherry) and a careful blend of spices to carry warmth through the back of the palate and add length.

NON7 should be enjoyed chilled and in fine glassware. It will be available in mid-July Australia-wide at boutique bottle shops and grocers, including Blackhearts & Sparrows, Meatsmith and P&V Liquor and online with free shipping at (RRP $30).

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