Castle Estate’s Lockdown Meat Delivery Pack

Castle Estate is giving back to Victorian families with their Lockdown Meat Delivery Pack offering $200 of great value for $99 including delivery, straight to your door! 

“With the lockdowns hitting families hard, we wanted to do something that was within our capability to offer our support to our fellow Victorians during this challenging time.

“We believe that family is everything and enjoying great food with the people you love is one of the joys of life.

“We hope you enjoy this selection of tasty meats that are some of our family favorites during this lockdown.“

Steven Castle

A legacy of 100 years of humane farming practices here in Victoria speaks to the Castle family’s unwavering dedication to boutique animal rearing for premium quality meats.

A project of love, Castle Estate cultivates exemplary meat in alignment with nature’s course, free from artificial intervention or hormones. This means the animal is forever the focal point of care for the Castle family farmer, with tremendous respect shown in the trajectory undergone from paddock to plate.

The philosophy of the Castle Family has always been, “the better they live, the better they taste”.  And so from terrain to table, an enduring respect for the animal is balanced with a dedication to producing the most delicious produce for Australians to indulge in.

To order, visit Castle Estate website here

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