Best Job Alert – Secret Sippers for Australian Venue Co

Getting paid to eat at favourite local venues! 

Australian Venue Co, which owns and operates more than 160 pubs and bars across Australia, is looking for mystery shoppers to join its Secret Sipper team. That’s right, AVC are looking to pay people to have lunch or dinner in their venues, and tell them what they thought.

Secret Sippers visit local pubs and bars and provide feedback about their experience while posing as ordinary customers. Sippers will visit a venue once per month and then submit a report. They get a $30 meal allowance, plus $200 each time they review!

Quality and service is everything at Australian Venue Co, so having a Secret Sipper team ensures that staff can gain valuable constructive feedback to continue the good work or make improvements where necessary.

What are the responsibilities of a Secret Sipper? AVC’s Secret Sippers need to be able to travel to assigned pubs and bars through the year, remain discreet and impartial, interact with venue employees to gauge cusπtomer service, complete a survey & written report detailing the experience in a timely manner.

A passion for hospitality, good communication and memorisation skills are a must for a Secret Sipper and AVC is looking to build up a great team of food and drink lovers as part of the program.

After many months last year of not being able to visit our favourite pubs and bars, what’s better than being paid to visit in 2021?

There are 36 Secret Sipper positions nationally and the job listings are here

Image credit: Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash

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