BrewDog wants Aussies to ‘get on the beers’ – now and in the future

The Brisbane brewery has announced an exclusive, limited-edition six pack for its Aussie investors, and gifted ownership of the Brisbane brewery to Mashd N Kutcher if they chart in triple j’s Hottest 100. 

Ahead of Mashd N Kutcher’s “Get On The Beers ft Victorian Premier Dan Andrews” charting in the triple j Hottest 100 this weekend, Brisbane-based craft brewery BrewDog has announced a limited-edition ‘Get On The Beers’ six pack.

Celebrating the nation’s COVID-catchcry (thanks to Dan), the six pack of lager will be gifted exclusively to those who invest in BrewDog’s Equity for Punks crowdfunding offer, as a celebration of their investment in the future of ‘getting on the beers’. Anyone who buys shares in BrewDog from the OnMarket offer page before 11th February will automatically receive a six pack as an extra-special perk, as the brewer looks forward to a future full of beer.

Image credit: Pandora Photographer

The pioneering crowdfunding initiative invites Aussie beer lovers to invest in BrewDog’s expansion Down Under and a better and more sustainable future for beer in Australia. Investors have the opportunity to shape the future of the company in Australia, with plans to open new flagship BrewDog bars in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth by the end of 2021.

BrewDog is also pledging ownership of their Aussie brewery to Brisbane-grown Mashd N Kutcher if they earn a place in the top 20 of Australia’s favourite countdown. Yes, that’s right. The DJs will receive shares in the Brisbane brewery, thanks to their outstanding contribution to Aussie music and culture.

BrewDog wants everyone to be able to get on the beers – now and in the future, so for the anticipation of ‘Getting On The Beers’, join Equity for Punks today and invest in the beer-drinking future of tomorrow. For once, you can not only drink the beer, you can own the brewery.

Investment can be made here

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