Hidden Gems of Marrickville 2021!

The wonderful suburb of Marrickville was recently deemed one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world according to a survey including thousands of respondents, and with good reason. Marrickville is home to a plethora of creatives who relish in pushing the boundaries, artistically, politically, and socially. It’s also home to an assortment of hidden gems, including coffee roasteries, organic food markets, pottery classes, theatres, and pork rolls that’ll leave you constantly longing for the day you return to the unpredictably promising neighbourhood that is Marrickville.

First stop, let’s visit the markets! – Marrickville Organic Food & Farmers Market
A staple of the Marrickville area, these markets are a shopper’s dream and encompass everything you’d find along a walk down Church Street – coffee, organic fruit, sourdough stalls, shoes, and much more. Locals of the Inner West highly recommend you attend with an open mind – you just may find what you’re looking for. A highlight of the end of the week, the Marrickville Organic Food & Farmers Market runs from 9am to 3pm every Sunday along Addison Road. Bring yourself and a few companions and shop till you drop!

Image credit: G-Fonne Photography

Second stop, shopping time! – Marrickville Metro
Marrickville’s very own one-stop-shop, Marrickville Metro, is an absolute must for anyone coming through this Inner West suburb. A collection of businesses, the centre is witnessing large-scale developments over this coming year with the introduction of a dining-precinct and over forty new retail outlets. Come and visit the Metro while it’s still in its toddler years.

Next-up, let’s grab some coffee beans – The Wood Roaster
Located on Shepard Street, The Wood Roaster is a collective of coffee-roasting artisans who are passionate about the flavours they produce. They time and carefully monitor each roast, each bean is roasted for its individual needs and temperature, and eventually post-mixed to ensure the best quality. Although this process takes much more time, the results are unparalleled. Come experience The Wood Roaster in its entirety either through walk-ins or attending one of their show-stopping events, such as FIRED-UP, where attendees are walked through the roasting process in an intimate experience. It’s time to Chai New Things!

Time to make some pottery! – Clay Sydney
Hidden on Renwick Street are pottery enthusiasts Clay Sydney, where ideas are moulded into reality at the touch of a spinning wheel. Here you’ll learn how to model a clay ball into your very own masterpiece and even better, for a couple of select days of the month, there’s a delicious selection of cheese and crackers available, and insist on BYO wine – it’s a win, win.

Hungry? Pork Roll time! – Alex ‘N’ Rolls
By now, the thought of bánh mì has your mouth-watering. Why not pop into Marrickville’s very own Alex ‘N’ Rolls and grab yourself a flavour explosion packed into a Vietnamese bread roll. Filled with a plethora of fresh produce – including carrot, radish, cucumber, mayo and many more goodies – and meat, you’re definitely missing on pure heaven if you don’t treat yourself to the legendary goodness that is a Pork Roll.

End the night with an underground gig – Factory Theatre
Considered a second home to a collection of music and performance artists and groups, you’ll experience performances as you’ve never experienced them before. The sheer atmosphere of the theatre invites excitement within the crowd for performances both seasoned and new.

Main image: G-Fonne Photography

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