FISHBOWL & Cho Cho San present “A Matcha Made in Heaven”

In a super fun alignment between Potts Point legends Cho Cho San and FISHBOWL, the famous matcha soft serve – “A Matcha Made in Heaven”  – is now being made on-site by the team at FISHBOWL Bondi for a limited time. 

  •  This will be thefirst time in Sydney, the matcha soft serve has been
      available outside of Potts Point 
  •  A Matcha Made in Heaven will only be available from FISHBOWL Bondi
  •  The alignment will be for a limited time till the end of summer 
  •  RRP $6 or half price with any FISHBOWL 
  •  To celebrate FISHBOWL and Cho Cho San have released a limited run of
      T’s, hats and totes that can be purchased in-store at Bondi 

On aligning with FISHBOWL, Cho Cho San’s Co-Founder and Chef, Jonathan Barthelmess states: “With both Cho Cho San and FISHBOWL drawing inspiration from Japan and the spirit of Sydney, there was more than enough in common for us to pursue a summer fling with “a matcha made in heaven”. 

“At Cho Cho San we combine the best of Japanese dining with an injection of the unexpected, creating an energising experience, so trusting FISHBOWL with our Matcha Soft Serve takes that message even further… to Bondi. This is the first time Cho Cho San’s signature soft serve has been made available outside of our beloved Potts Point restaurant but we know it’s in safe hands.” 

FISHBOWL is also offering free delivery all this week on the Deliveroo app. 

180 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach NSW 2026

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