The perfect Gelatissimo gelato & Christmas pudding pairing list

Want to keep the tradition of a beautiful Christmas pudding but need to change it up this year to suit our Australian summer? Why not pair it with an incredible gelato packed with decadent flavour?

Vanilla – Let’s start the list off with an absolute creamy classic. Gelatissimo vanilla gelato is a French-style vanilla that contains egg for a richer taste and smoother consistency. The perfect complement to balance out the spice, you can never go wrong with this traditional crowd-pleaser.

Chocolate Wagon with Davidson Plum – Taking it one step further from the NEW Aussie Classics with a Twist range, this gelato features an incredible mix of flavours and textures. It’s a biscuit gelato rippled with chocolate, topped with marshmallow pieces and swirled with a Davidson Plum jam. It helps to highlight the warm biscuity notes and delicious tart jam often found in your Aunt’s best chocolate pudding recipe! Not to mention it looks festive with the bright red from the Davidson Plum.

Deluxe Range Frosted Cinnamon Scroll – This gelato is from the decadent Deluxe Range. It’s a Madagascar cinnamon and cream cheese gelato, loaded with chunks of soft cinnamon scrolls and dollops of delicious cream cheese icing, made with award-winning Heilala Vanilla. This gelato accompaniment connects the festive flavours of warming cinnamon spice!

Rum & Raisin – Often referred to as one of Italy’s finest flavours, this unique gelato provides a sweet burst of alcohol in every bite. Always dedicated to the highest quality ingredients, Gelatissimo uses raisins that have been soaked in alcohol to add another layer to this delicious option. Pairing this with a traditional Christmas pudding to amplify the flavours is a combination not to be missed!

About Gelatissimo
Australia’s favourite gelato, Gelatissimo has been bringing people together to create and celebrate moments of pure happiness since opening the first store in Sydney in 2002. Gelatissimo is constantly evolving its range of great-tasting flavours, made fresh in-store with no artificial colours or flavours. Made using traditional Italian methods, its gelato is available across 44 stores throughout Australia and in 26 overseas locations, including Singapore and China.

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